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Monday, November 04, 2013


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I have got my result
L 8, R 7, W 7, S 8
thank you Simon for your priceless website. and Thank you so much for your referring to Mr. Peter Walton, who is the greatest English teacher I have ever met. Mr. Peter helped me a lot in achieving my score.
Again thank you Simon and Peter.

thank you ... and i feel too glade to read down these useful and keywords of reading passage ... thanksss a lot

Hi Ghyath,

Could you share your study experience for me?
Thanks so much1

It is very nice and I hope you continuous success.
Thanks a lot.

Can anyone assess my essay and suggest me some improvements.

I wish to get 7.5 bands.

Thanks in advance.
The cost of international travel are decreasing and tourism is growing. What are the advantages and disadvantages of increasing tourism activity in different countries?

Globalisation has contributed to a new form of pastime that most busy people employ for holidays and tourism has evolved from this. Tourism plays an important part in some countries’ economy but it has also raised some major concerns among the social groups. This essay would discuss both, pros and cons of this flourishing industry.

First of all, tourism has resulted in infrastructure developments of many nations. Some places in countries like India are better preserved because of its importance as a tourists attraction. Further, tourism stimulates economy of an area or nation as a whole. Many businesses like hotels and travel agencies are making a huge profit because of some overseas tourists. Local people also benefit from this - they gain some work which would help them making a living. For instance, Thailand, especially Bangkok has emerged as one of the most preferred tourists attractions and people are earning from this.

However, there are possible deteriorating effects to local culture as well as environment. Local people tend to lose their culture and traditional values as more and more tourists visit. Western culture, for example, has footed into many eastern cultures and people are adopting American culture in their festivals and rituals. Additionally, tourism affects local environment in a negative manner. Tourism requires many changes in local surroundings in terms of infrastructure and better facilities of transportation and these for developments local greenery and landscapes are destroyed for erection of concrete buildings.

Overall, tourism could benefit local people and economy in a positive manner, but at times, it could result in much diminishing values of one’s national cultural heritage unknowingly.

Hi simon or any one

describe an organisation that you are associated with ?

can we tell about any software company that i worked for

Hi Piyu,

I liked your writing task 2. Yet, I want to highlight that if you can give examples in the 2nd paragraph, it will be super.

Good luck!

best wishes,

Hi Simon
I found a website which corrects essays for free.What's ur opinion about this site?Is it appropriate to improve writing?http://www.paperrater.com/

Hi simon
I want to study ielts but i' m confused as I found lots pages discuss this exam and how its difficult and I dont know from where I should start studying listening or writing , reading or speaking so whats your opinion in my case what should I do as I try to improve my listening from watching tv and reading som papers thanks amillion simon and pls help me

Hi Simon

My name is Leo. I am student.

How can I reach Peter Walton? I do need someone to help with my IELTS writing.

I am looking forward to your reply soon.

Leo Lin


I suffer from IELTS task 2 in particular.

The highest mark I have got is 6.5, couldn't achieve band 7 in writing.

I do need help with this section. Thanks a lot.

Leo Lin

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