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Monday, November 18, 2013


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Hi everyone,
My friend told me that " you should start your reading answers with capital letter otherwise you will lose a mark".
For example

Dieaseas is right answer but diseases is wrong

What is your opinion ?

Thanks in advance


Sorry for error

I wrote diseases in my real examination

Will i get a point for that


Your friend is wrong. You can write in lower case.

I don't think so that's will lose your mark.

Hi SJM and Abhi,

Thanks a lot ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😄😄😄😘😘😘😘😘

a long time, i'm practicing IELTS, still i cann't make good score. so please give some tips.

thank a lot for your posting. i wish to see more it similarly. because i'm trying to learn ielt test by mysefl. please show more like this!
thanks and regard

Hi everyone
Is there anyone who use simon's ebook???

Thank you very much for your fantastic way of teaching.My answers were right,please give us more exercise.:-)

I bought ebook and I find it is not as useful as the website. But I am very happy to spend about 40 dollars because Simon is doing a great job to help ielts candidates like myself who are struggling to desired scores. I hope the website gets better and this needs time and fund to be able to continue.

Hi everybody!

My exam is the day after tomorrow and I am in a dead end. I'm not sure about the structure of the essays from writing task 2. Should every essay contain our opinion in the introduction? Also, when do we have to write about both the advantages and disadvantages, or give both sides of a problem, argument and counterargument, etc? What I mean is, if we state our opinion in the introduction, should the body of the essay focus only on that point of view? Please clear this up for me, please!

Thanks jou and will u plz give me ur email address so that I am able to contact with u and know more about ebook plz...
Hi bondi very best wishes for your exam hopefully u do ur exam very well...
What i understand I want to share with u is that in writing task 2 introduction is clarify what our opinion is ..if u want to write in a balance way or strong argument u have to write In ur introduction part as well and than support in ur point in paragraph 1 and 2 so on that's the checker understand what our essay depends .

Hi Abhi,

I agree with jou - the website is definitely the main resource. The ebook has one particular aim only: to give you ideas for common topics for writing task 2. To learn more, just click on the link below - read the page carefully and download the example chapter.



Hi Bondi,

If the question asks for your opinion, put it in the introduction, then explain it in the rest of the essay. If the question doesn't ask for your opinion, don't include it. The question will make it clear what you need to do. Look through my lessons to see examples.

Good luck!

Thank you for your prompt answers! I promise I will let you know how it went and post here the tasks that I will be facing with.

Thanks simon sir for ur information about ebook thanks a lot .

Hi , please I'm preparing for Ielts test , I have just 10 days then I will take it , what you advise me to concentrate on , thanks in advance .

Dear Simon/ Blogger
I am getting 6.5 in reading all the time. I am getting 7 and above in all other sections.
I would like to know how many answers do I need to get it right in order to get 7?
Would it be more than 30?
Please help me.

hi and warm greetings from Mongolia,

I have passed ielts at the first time last dec 7. It seemed to me that exam structure was completely same as cambridge ielts book. Otherwise it seemed my practice was not enough for getting my desired score though especially reading. in reading section time was very very tight and i could not catch it up.Therefore, i hope i can get thankfully support of reading technique from this si
te and other sources in order to do finish it on time!!!!


What about D? why have u considered this option incorrect?

i understood , why D is incorrect. tourism doesnt make th tunnel profitability. The tunnel makes the profit from turists

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