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Tuesday, November 05, 2013


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Hi, Just wondering where can I find the script so that I can check if I write it correctly or not?

You can follow this link, choose "show transcript" option:


hi simon,
it is a wonderful video, not only for ielts, but also for knowing what is going around the world, how our politicians exploit the poor in the name of technology. really awesome!, there are a lot of things to do even on our planet, then what is the reason to think about mars.

yea I just found this website extremely useful for improving my listening skill. Every day i just randomly select a video and watch it with subtitles first, and then i will look for some words which i don't know and play the entire video again without the subtitles. Also, some of the topics are related to ielts writing task2 and i will keep watching it daily =D

this video is awesome....really i never hear such informative video. i must say the title should be "positive and negative use of technology" plz simmon tell me about the title

Hi all,

Can we use ain't instead of am not in IELTS?

Hi dear Simon
I found a website which corrects essays for free.What's ur opinion about this site?Is it appropriate to improve writing?

i was wonderful video both regarding the information and ielts,,,,,paradise,sajida,Oliver if any body wants practice the speaking section of English ,,you can add me,,,my skype id is atiq.ullah6,,,,,

hi paradise,
could u tell me the website for me please
thanks in advance.

to Beula
here is the website:

hi paradise,
thanks a lot

What is "heroize"? Do you get it, Simon?

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