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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


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Good morning sir,
I do follow your daily lesson. I have booked my test
On 1st of February in London . I have attempted twice but
didnt success to get. I need 7 in each modules.after I read your website
My confident level is build up. I am putting all my effort to get this score
I am grateful to you. God bless you sir & make you successs of yours each step.thank you

Hi everyone,

Part 4 was very tough in my exam. but section 1 and 2 was very easy and all my answers were right. In section 3, i missed three answers and i can't say anything about section 4. I am confident about 5 answers in section 4

TED videos were really very helpful. Please listen to ted videos

It's great piece of advice

Hi sana.. i also need 7 eAch band ... i am also planning to take ielts in london .
What are stretigies you are following for writing module ?

Thank u so much sir for your everyday lesson it's a very useful for all of the student who are struggling in IELTS thank you sir .

Hi again, Simon

Regarding my question that you've answered today, about the structure of the essays, I now have an example of an essay that I really cannot seem to understand how to write it: "Competitiveness is a positive quality for people in most societies. How does competitiveness affect individuals? Is it a positive or negative trend?". So, as I see it,first I should write the introduction paraphrasing the topic, the first sentence, and then state my opinion, if it's positive or negative, and the body supporting this opinion. But what about the second question in the instructions? Where should I answer to that question? Thank you!!

Dear Simon,
I want to ask couple of questions regarding an essay you have already disussed in your previous lessons.Sorry, I didn't know ,whether I should have asked on the respective comments page ,or is it ok if I am asking it in today's lesson ???
1, In an essay like 'Economic progress is often used to measure a country's success.........Do you think one factor is more important than others?
If we want to deny' the idea that one factor is more important than others'. What will be the structure of the essay, after explaining it in the introduction, for example:
' I think, there are several factors, not just one, which are vital for a country's development'.
So in that case how should we organise our paragraphs,can we have two main paragraphs in this essay, if yes, then how should we describe or divide the content?

2, Similarly,how should we organise an essay, if we have a strong opinion.Can we still have two main body paragraphs, if yes, then again HOW?(I am really confused that how would we 'ORGANISE,DESCRIBE AND DIVIDE' the content for those two main paragraphs in such essays.)
I would really appreciate your explaination !!! THANK YOU

Hi again, Simon
Kindly, also guide regarding the TOPIC SENTENCE for two mainparagraphs with the same theme, actually.

Finally i got the points that i needed to pass on the point system of CANADA.. just believe in your self that you can make it.. try to give more extra time to practice especially in listening.. but definitely SIMON.. your such a big help in this success.. anyway still in process, hopefully i could attain my dream in God's perfect time.. ;) L:5.5, R: 6, W: 6 S: 6.5

hi Simon
it is Will again
just wanna comfirm one thing
i often lose mark because of CAPITAL LETTER problems, may i just write all my listening answers in capital letters?

Hi salmon and everyone,,
I have a big problem with filling an s after a word.
I dont know if i has to be sigular or plural.
Could you please give me some tips for this?
Thank you very much

That's wise!

thank u Simon!

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