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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


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Thank you very much, Simon.

Thank you so much Mr. Simon

That's good recommendation.
Thanks, Simon

thanks Simon, i want appreciate for your help and i felt more confident after following your blog. i am taking my ielts exam on 7th dec. lets hope for the best..

who wants to do speaking.add me on skype.

Dear Simon!
Is it ok to start writing task 1 like this " Given is the chart providing information about..." or it is better to start with " the given charts provides..."?
thanks in advance !

Hello simon.I have only one question.Please respond it if you read.
Should we use contractions in an informal letter or not.I mean the letter that we have started as "Dear Corey" and finish as "See you soon".Can it be included a sentence such as "I'm very exited about..."
Thanks in advance

Thank you very much, Simon!

Hi Simon, I have a question to ask. When should we use a hyphen between words? For example, can I write "a door to door service" instead of "a door-to-door service"? Thanks!

S.A. - They are both wrong.

"Given is the chart providing information about...": this is ungrammatical and not natural

"the given charts provides...": 'charts' is plural, so the verb needs to be 'provide'. Just use the simple, accurate and natural form:
'The chart shows/illustrates/describes...'.

I can tell you that most people who try to use a 'complex' first sentence in Task 1 do not get a 7 or above, because they make errors, either in vocabulary or grammar. Remember, this is the first thing the examiner reads - you want to make a good first impression.

Emre - contractions are an important sign of informality in English, so yes, you should use them in an informal letter.

Thank you very much for answer sjm.It was a big problem,so solved.

To me, point #7 is perhaps the most important tip. Having good ears allows you to catch every single word of a speech, and once you know how to use the different vocabularies and phrases in context, your brain will naturally start imitating the way native speakers speak.

Listening to everyday English will certainly help you understand the language as a whole!!!

PS: for a successful IELTS Listening score, it is still necessary to do all the things that Simon is suggesting in this lesson! NO SHORTCUTS!!!

Hi everyone,

I always have problems with -s(-es) and articles. I think whether to include them in answer or not ((

Any ideas to improve it ?

Dear Simon,

Many thanks for your great work. As I followed your instruction and ebook, I can achieve overall ban 7 (L:7.5, R:7, W:6.5, R:6.5). However, I confuse that how I can get over writing 6.5 band score to obtain higher score. Can you and everyone here give me some suggestions?

Thanks sincerely.

hi, simon, the took the exam on 7th and 8th(speaking part), overall, the reading part was a nightmare for me, I do not have enough time to finish three passages. speaking part was not bad, but during the 2ed speaking, I was not doing well to answer the question, seemed that the examiner was not happy about my answer. How shoul I improve the reading one. Many thanks.

Hi Simon,

After reading the response to Emre, I understand that contractions are a sign of informal. Does this mean that we are not suppose to use the contractions in an official letter (formal)?

Thanks for your help


Hi simon

I am taking my ielts for the second time,and till i had little confusion on how to write the
listening section answers(either to be written in small letters or to be in capital)that is a big issue to me.Hope you could help me in solving my issue soon.

Thank you simon. That's a good suggestion.

valuable advice.Please receive my great gratitude

Hlo simone.
plz tell me how can i improve for ielts? now i m totally stressed nd i have no idea what should i do nxt?In listening nd reading i m too weak.plz give me some tips

Dear Mr.Simon,
I have written ielts gt four times,badly I got 5.5 for listening& reading.I don't know wat s the reason for that.I use caps in reading and listening exam.when I practice I got 34,36 correct answers. How can I improve reading and listening. Previous exams I got 6.5 in speaking and writing.pls help me and reply.
Thanks in advance

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