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Saturday, November 16, 2013


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Hi simon
I gave my exam in India
. Reading was so easy
1 reading passage was about
" history of tea " ( very very easy )
2 reading passage was about auto answering to calls when receiver is busy ( i forget the heading )
3 reading passage was about science and cooking ( diverse views of different researchers, book writer, chefs )

Thanks a lot simon. And one more thing, in reading passage 3 i saw your name "SIMON"

Listening was also very easy
1 section included enquiry of giving advertisement of goods

Section 2 was about a hotel and a map showing direction
Section 3 was about research of a student in math problems faced by males and females

Section 4 was related to frogs

Writing task 1
Process of making salty peanuts ( from farming fields to shops ) quite lengthy

Writing task 2
It's effect on individuals
Negative and positive

Hi anyone,
on my IELTS exam
For one question in the reading passage answer is "sense of calm"
but we should not write more than 2 words...can we write as "calm sense"

Thanks Inder!

hi Simon
Can u give some words for people who need to practise

hi simon

in the last sentence is it ok(equal pay) without( an )

and i want to thank you for your lessons
it is really useful

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