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Saturday, November 23, 2013


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I have given IELTS 3 times.
First in january. I got below scores:

I need 7 in each module, so i decided to reappear in April and i got below scores:


And i was quite sure that i wrote better than last exam, so i decided for re-evaluation, but my scored remained unchanged.

Then, i appeared again on 9th Nov and i received my scores as below:


Now, I have been practicing writing since last 1 year and i see no improvement in score.

Please advise me, should i go for re-evaluation or please let me know, how exactly British council is marking T1 and T2 in writing.

Hi Simon,

Well, I think task 2 should be done first. Nervous or not, it's still worth double the task 1 and therefore, you're not gonna get an appropriate band score, 6.5 or above, if you produce a lousy task 2 answer. The only way to make it happen is at least you should, I think, finish it. Besides, if you are nervous in the beginning of the exam, I believe that you're not gonna do as well as you think; not to mention that some task 1 are quite difficult.

I think that, despite your nervousness, it's better to spend 40' or a little longer for task 2 rather than produce a hasty, low quality of work in the final 30-35' of the test.

Anyway, that's just my thinking.

Hi Simon,

Sometimes ielts instructors recommend to write Task 1 in less than 20 minutes for saving time for Task 2 as it is much more important.

Or others recommend to read the topic of Task 2 before, and while writing Task 1 to think of ideas for Task 2 simultaneously.

What do you think about these?

It depends on our mood that day and your brain preferences.

Sometimes you answer task 2 at the beginning of the writing test because task 1 is a bit difficult.

But I agree with Simon's.

Hi Mansi
Its really good you are constant in other IELTS module, my reading is not good could you guild me how you score around 8 band for each time.

hi simon
i got my result and i was nearly there as my desired band was 7 so i almost got it but writing part let me down as i only manged 5 in that and in all other 7 plus...so plz guide me wt should i do to improve as i want my required band before the end of this year ...plz guide me anyone.........

Hi Mansi,
It seems your problem is pretty much like mine. You need to have your essays checked by a good teacher. I just have my two essays checked yet by a teacher ( Pete Walton,recommended by Simon) and I found out those mistakes that my eyes were not able to see.Please do not waist your time, ask Simon ,he will be able to give you teacher's email. If you can afford , get few of your essays checked, It's Worth !

Hi NR how much it cost you to get checked ur essays by Pete Walton?

Hi Mansi
Any tips for improving reading will appreciated

Hi Kay

£10 for task1 and £20 for a detailed feedback for task 2 OR £10 for task2 but i am afraid that will not be as detailed then .You can check it with Simon.
For reading, i don't know what Mansi would have to say, But , i think GOOD VOCABULARY is the KEY , and it automatically enables you to READ FAST. Pracise reading newspapers, magazines or various articles in journals !

Can you send me a copy of your task 2 with tutor feedback if possible on my email address @kaynoor@hotmail.co.uk if possible or any writing material you have as I appeared in ielts before and got
R 8
L 9
W 6
S 8
so I really need to improve my writing I will be thankful to you


I am a Bangladeshi, planning to sit for IELTS. I am looking for someone to practice speaking via skype? If anyone interested, please send me friend request. MY skype id is shajalalmohon and email is md.shahjalalmohon@yahoo.com.

Many thanks,


hello sir, may you give me any idea about my exam as my exam is on 9th january. may you give me any guess aboout my cue card or eassy topic as i am an academic student

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