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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


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i am d0ne with my ielts speaking test i find it hard on the part 2, i don't know if i could get the right band for me. i did n0t prol0nged my answer about story, i just told him the truth then i procede for some story, there is a time that i startled on part 2, but i answer m0re on the part three. actually it was so fast, i cnt even thought that he will already say thank you. is that a good sign?

Hi Simon:

I might be analyzing the question too deeply, but I am a bit confused as to why you chose education to measure success? The reason for my confusion is how do we measure education for a given society? Would it be the number of people who have completed tertiary (or secondary) education? Since the question talks about measuring success, I was thinking of actual metrics. Because of that, instead of education, I was thinking along the lines of literacy rate. Although, I need to think a bit more to develop the idea. Please let me know what you think.

Hi Simon,
i have a question regarding the points u have mentioned here. In Para 1 (other factors) we are already discussing education as one of the factor and in 2nd para (Main factor) we are again repeating it.

Should it be a different factor that needs to be discussed in para 2 (excluding the other factors).


Is it possible to tear the pages from the booklet during the reading session in order to see both passage and questions at the same time? I study at home just like that and it helps me more.

Anyone knows about that?

Hi ! Simon,

I am confused recently about the right structure for part 2 writing. I usually have three points in my supporting paragraph, But I wonder should The most important one be put at the start of the paragraph or I write other two points first and then introduce the most important factor .

Which way is better?

Hi, Simon

Firstly, Thanks for this wonderful website! I believe it is really useful for ielts candidates.
Now I am following this website lessons.

Secondly, I did take this exam several days ago.

I followed the four paragraphs. On the second paragraph, I gave the other factors: education, employment and technology. And in 3rd paragraph, I said that these factors are equally important,and wrote some related arguments about each point. But I didn't compare these points with each other.

Do you think the way I answer in 3rd paragraph will lower my score on Task Response or other criteria?

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi, Simon
I am a student from China.
My question is when writing the task 2, I usually use subjunctive mood sentence. Such as:
1,When the chidren watch TV, they might.....

2,If there are..., the chidren chould.......

3,Long time of watching TV is bad to the children, they may..........

Maybe 5 to 6 sentences like above in my essay.

Do you think is it OK? Or I should change the express way.

Looking for your feedback. Thank you.

For 2nd part of question, do i need to compare other factors with economic success? Is it right that i don't mention economy for it?

Thanks you for hosting the most useful website
for IELTS students.Stay blessed!

Intro for above topic question:

People think that other indicators are more important rather than economic growth to assess a country's progress.there are several other factors that can be considered to evaluate the progress of a country such as education,standard of living and natural resources.In my view education is the most important factor among all.

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