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Thursday, October 31, 2013


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Many thanks, Simon!!!

hi, Simon, is "climbed back to ..." an acceptable phrase?

I think it sounds unnatural when you use "climmed back to"

can somebody correct my task 1 topic on global water usage by sector

The line graph compares global water usage among three different sectors including agriculture,industrial and domestic over a period of hundred years . The table illustrates
the information about two countries population ,area of land irrigated and consumption of water by each person in 2000.

It is clear that consumption of water in all three sectors increased between 1900 and 2000 and agricultural need for water was the highest among other sectors . It is also noticeable that Brazil accounted for higher statistics than Demographic Republic
of Congo in all areas.

In 1900, around 500 km3 of water was used for agriculture , compared to 50 km3 of domestic and 100 km3 of industrial usage. In 1950, agricultural need of water rose to just over 1000 km3 , whereas, industrial and domestic need was almost same as in 1900. However, next 50 years had been experienced a significant hike in water consumption in every sector. While it was recorded three times more water usage in agricultural sector in 2000 with 3000 km3, industrial and domestic consumption had reached 900km3 and 300 km3 respectively.

In 2000,176 million of Brazilian people consumed 359 m3 of water by each person and irrigated land of 26,500 km3. Meanwhile , water consumption of Congo was only 8 m3 per person and 100 km3 of land ws irrigated.

Hi simon! I already asked this in one of my comments on your previous post. But what if the task description does not have a specific time indicated?? For example, the table shows the common sports injuries that lead to emergency hospital treatment in uk (no year or month mentioned) should i write my tense in present tense? Or is it ok if i write it in past tense? Is there rules like this? Thanks!

Hi Mary,

Just use the present simple if no times are shown, and past simple for past times.

Hi simon,

I have told by my IELTS tutor that the difference of using "in" and "by" to describe years is that "in" is for past or present years while "by" is for future years. Is it correct?

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