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Monday, October 14, 2013


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Hi Simon,

It seems to be some useful synonyms...

Considering writing task 2, I understand there should be two body paragraphs. Are you sure having two main ideas for each paragraphs is sufficient enough to answer the question? That's meant four ideas for each essay in total, together with explanation and examples.

The reason I ask about this is that I often found the content of your sample Band 9 essays having that kind of pattern.

Hope to hear from you.


Hi Simon,
Can we use the word "value" as an alternative of the word "figure"? Can we use it in the same way as "figure"? ex: On the other hand, the value of 211,000 for young couple without children is much smaller.

helo everyone,
I just pass the IELST exam Saturday, I want to thank you Simon for you extraordinary help'
1- work topic, television, drawing
2- describe a job that would you like to do
3- student - teachers relation something like that
It was my 2nd IELTS exam ( first time S5, W5.5, R6.5, L7, o=6 but I need 5.5 min and o=6).
thank you Simon for this site ( I found here a lot of advice and good method for the writing part).

I just went for ielts on last Saturday. The reading test was damn difficult for this times. For the last 11-13 questions, I just simply wrote the answer without understanding about the passage, I really don't have enough time to do reading test! Now I'm extremely sad because I need to get band 7 for each component :(

hi simon, could you please answer my question asap it is my second time and the answer is important for me.
how should to write dates in listening test? like 19 oct or 19th of october , or october 19? which one is correct?

and please tell more about heading finding in reading. should we read whole the parageraph?

Hi Jeffrey,

Yes, it's all about quality, not quantity of ideas. Even one main idea per paragraph is enough if you explain it well.


Hi Vita,

I suppose 'value' is ok. I don't use it because it seems too "mathematical", but it's ok (although it won't get you a higher score).


Thanks Andrea.


Don't give up Lynn!


Hi Sue,

You can write dates in any way you want - all forms are accepted. Personally, I would just write "October 19". Here's my best advice for paragraph headings:


Hi Simon,
I just finished my IELTS test today and i think i did very well thanks to your great site. The writing task 2 was an discussion and opinion type, the topic was about whether paying taxes is enough or members of society have more responsibilities toward the society.
I don't remember the first two essays of the reading test, but I managed to found online the original essay which the third essay extracted from (http://www.colintudge.com/articles/article03.php).
I think it could be useful.
Thanks again

Hi simon, how can improve reading skill

hi Mrs simon,
I'd like to thank you for your efforts. I have been following your website, and have found it very useful and interesting, so I hope you can help me prepare for the IELTS exam. I am doing some self-study at home, but I am confused about how to best use my time: How should I prioritize studying the four skills? All four in one day? One hour for reading, one hour for speaking, etc? Or should I spend all day on a single skill?

sorry Mr.

Thank you very much. These words seemed that I often saw in Cambridge ' passages. Tank you again.

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