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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


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Hi simon and all
I took IELTS test on 26th October in Melbourne. listening and reading was OK. Writing task1 was 2 table about the producing and consuming potato in 5 regions of world. Task 2 was a bit hard. But thanks to simon ebook I wrote 4 paragraphs. the subject was about a problem. they told "when the standard of living rise people in cities take more benefit than the rural areas they wanted know about problem and solution. Speaking part 1 ask about apartment, job, and about that if we had trees in our house when I was child and if I climbed the trees? part 2 asked about describing a university or school and related question. Part 3 was very challenging . The examiner asked me some question in different areas. 1. about the global warming 2 about the trees and if we should protect the rain forest and the hard one should the government pay to women or men who do work on home like traditional women? First I can not tell anything so I wanted her to explain more (thanks to simon again I learnt from him that we can ask for more explanation on part 3) and I took some time for thinking. I hope I can get the band I want and good luck to all
Finally I really appreciate all of your supports Simon and Thanks for your EBOOK I did not have the chance to meet you but I will pray for you and your family.

Hello Simon,
First of all, I would like to thank you very very very much for your valuable website and tips. I was struggling with that sophisticated test called IELTS. I had the test 9 times and all the time I get the same score which was 6.However, after I followed your tips and strategies and started writing topics using your precious tips, I eventually achieved the desired score. I also would like to thank Mr. Peter Walton who has greatly helped me with essays correction. His feedback on my writing was exactly similar to the IELTS examiners. Finally I encourage everybody who wants to pass this dreaded test is to practice as much as tests as they can, and to follow and implement Simon’s tips.
My IELTS score is:
L: 8
R: 7.5
W: 7.5
S: 7
Overall: 7.5
Again thank you our teachers,
All the best,
Hashem Massad

Hi Hashem

Please. Can I ask you ?
How can I improve my reading score ?


Dear Simon,

Thank you!!!
God bless you!!!

I have a kind enquiry relating to speaking part 2.
- there is a question such as "Speak about the sport star that is very famous in your country or you love him/her?" and may I talk about the arguments against professional sport? because, really, i do not like any sport star and there are some causes for it, in addition, I can support my ideas with examps.
How do you think? Please, give me any advise relating to this case?
Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

Hi Hesham,

Congratulations. Great scores

Would you please contact me by e-mail and send me Mr.Peter Walton contacts. I need to correct my essays with a professional teachter. Last time i scored 7.5 in L & R & I got 8 for S but 6.5 in Writing which was very disappointing. my e-mail is


Hi simon,

I have a question

when they mention like April 18th in the listening section, if we write April 18 in the answer sheet

Answer will be correct or not.??

Hi soha and hashem massad...
Could you please tell me what the strategies you have applied to get such brriliant bands in all modules.. as i am also struggling with this test ..i need 7 in each module ... but acheived 6.5 in speaking ... 7 in reading...6 in listening ...6.5 in writting .

I need to get 6 band in each module so what are the tips i need to follow.Please advice me.

Would be highly appreciated

Mirza Ehteshamulla Baig

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