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Thursday, September 05, 2013


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Dear Mr Simon,
i have to get 6.5 score in the ielts test with at least 6 for any skill. it is very difficult for me, i try to learn so hard, however, maybe it'm not have a right way to learn so the result is so bad, especially, writing is a hard skill for me, i learn what you teach on this website, however, in the ielts exam i cannot apply it on my test. so, can you tell me how to overcome this problem.
best regard,

Yay, absolutely agree with Simon about the simplicity in writing English! Some learners tend to use very special, rare words just to impress the examiners but I think a simple, easy-to-understand writing style together with good vocab is enough, if not more than enough.

Dear Thu,

Based on your message to Simon, I suggest that you should focus more on grammar and how to express your opinion more clearly. Also you should try to figure out the mistakes that make you scores low, rather than just study, study and study without really paying attention to WHAT and HOW you study. Sorry for using capital letters, just wanna emphasise my ideas.

I guess you're Vietnamese, just like me. If so, perhaps you wanna check this site out: ieltscorner.com. You will find free English and IELTS lessons in Vietnamese there.

Good luck with your study!

Hi everyone!
Very informative!
Thank you very much Simon

Hi everyone,
I'm wondering about sites offering forms IELTS exams constantly


Thnx simon its really useful.

Every body trying to find the short ways of getting more Bands in Ielts, nobody looks at the time, which he spent on study. Reading is the one and finally solution of every problems. Read any article or newspaper as much as you can, and also try to copy words from there. Then see your writing, listening,speaking and reading Bands.........Best of luck....

Hi Simon;

I get 5.5 overall score from academic ielts my reading and writigin skills are really bad which are 5.0. I need to improve especially my vocabulary and exactly synoyms. Could you tell me how can I improve my vocabulary. I am trying to read newpapers and book. On 15 th of March I have an exam and I need to get 6.5. Can you offer me a table about synoyms especially for writing.

Thank you so much

Omer Faruk

Hi Simon,

I'm not sure if you look at previous lessons, but I believe the reason why students (including myself) have learnt so many verbs to replace "show" is because most books teach the students to do so. For example, I was reading one book (I prefer not to say which one) that the instructor recommends the use of one of these verbs.

I'm glad that you have this blog to demystify this so called - Chinese whisper.

Wow, that has changed my thought about writing introduction. I usually used special words like indicates, reveals,...
Thanks you so much Simon ^_^

Thank you very very very much.

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