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Friday, September 27, 2013


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awesome ..answer

great advice. Thank you

so useful.:)

so great and useful advice

Hi Simon,

For Task 2 question “Using computers every day will have more negative effects than positive effects on Children. Do you agree or disagree?”

Which of the following should be followed?

1) One paragraph with positive effects and other paragraph with negative effects. Give conclusion what we agree on like “As negative effects outweigh the positive effects, I agree that there are many negative effects ………………..”

2) Write both paragraphs with what we agree such as both paragraphs should explain only negative effects if we agree.


Hi Simon,

Great tip as usual! In case students haven't noticed, this tip/strategy can also be used when writing body paragraphs in Task2 Writing.

Have a nice weekend!


Thanks Martin!


Hi Naresh,

State your view clearly in the introduction, then support it in your main paragraphs. You can have a strong view or a balanced view.

Thanks alot Simon

It's interesting as when I read the term 'people's behavior' I just thought about the way people act to other people, not the way they wear or the food they eat :)

These materials are helpful. Thanks.

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