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Monday, September 02, 2013


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Answer would be:C!

My choose : C

B- How Cities are ranked
there are no surprising results
nothing about the latest index
the paragraph is not about Melbourne, but about other cities, too

My answer is B

I am confused between A and C, but if I have to choose one, the answer should be A.

My answer :C




hi everyone!
I'm confused between b,c but I choose b

thanks Simon


My answer is B.

Hi !
My answer: C

My answer is B

Hi, is there anyone will take the ielts exam 12 Sep in the China?

It should be C!


I think C is correct


my answer is B

my answer is C

As the paragraph covers broad topic of rating and results of survey.

Clearly, everyone knows sentence by sentence, but how to choose the main idea is a challenge.

My answer is C

i will go with C

My answer is option A!!!!!!!!

My answer is c
Sir simon can u please explain what is the criteria to chose the best heading,all options are so confusing.please give me some suggestions to improve my score from 5.5 to 6.5 in listening and reading.

I think the answer is B.

While we are waiting for Simon to judge is B or C correct answer, I choose B. :)


C is the right answer,hopefully





My answer is C

My answer is B. " Each city is scored on its stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure "

My answer would be - c

My answer is C

My answer is C.
A and D are only pieces of information of the whole paragraph.
B is just an explanation of how cities are ranked. It's also a piece of info, but not the main idea of this paragraph.


My answer is C



Hi Simon,
Your site found really interesting. I would also like to join in this party.

My answer is B

i think B

I think, C would be correct, because A, B and D don't cover the whole theme of this paragraph.

B is the ans.

Sir simon ,
Please let me know how to purchase your ebook.i am from pakistan.can I transfer Pakistani currency directly to your account rather using Paypal or credit card method.can your ebook help me to improve my scores in listening and reading I am worried about reading and listening.

i think B


I think the response is "C" because is more general and can cover all information in entire paradraph.



Several people have explained this answer in their comments above. It seems that most people got the right answer!


it only refered something depent on when city was ranked. but not said how to rank, such as what the orgniaztion is? principle of rank score. and so on

My answer is C

the answer is C

Hello dear Simon

I have Ielts exam in 21 sep , but my reading still weak ,
Can you give me some advice , How can I do in this short time ?

I really need your help ..
I am so miserable and upset because I don't know how I can do ..

Thank you

hi simon,

can u plz tell me how to improve my listening and reading bands am some where around 5

Answer is b

HI there!! I really had difficulties in READING ANG LISTENING section during my practice test..what could be the best technique on how to comprehend with it..please help me with this concern..thanks a lot!!

kindly give me also a clue for speaking and writting..just to improve also my skills on these sections..by the way sir..i will take ACADEMIC IELTS..So please guide me accordingly..THANKS AGAIN!!

please help me out in reading...
the main problem with me in reading is i cannot put my concentration over entire passage...in the middle itself..my mind will wander ..some where...so i kindly request u to help out of this...
thank you..

I think the answer is C

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