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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


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it is really helpful.This is the firs time I am visiting this site and I like it

Hi Simon,

Thanks for all your lessons and pieces of advice.

I have a doubt as to how the questions are assessed in the listening test in terms of accuracy.

For example, if the speaker says "People tend to care more for

    adorable animals
", but I write
    cute animals
as answer because I got the idea instead of the exact phrase, do I lose the question or I might be given 1/2 point for that?


hello, I want to share with you some things from my first IELTS (Listening part)exam:
- Saturday morning I was very confident
- the exam start with the listening part ( and was something like- S1 easy- S2 harder- S3 difficult - for S4 you need a lot of practice... .because you need to look at all the questions once; the speaker use a lot of synonyms; and usually have to write -no more than three words- a lot)
- in the S4 I miss 5 or 6 questions-because I didn't understand what the speaker sad
- finally I got 7 for listening (but just 5 in speaking...;)
My advice - try to practice as much as you can-like Simon says and do more S4 tests as well
good luck

Dear Simon,
I have taken IELTS test about 3 month ago, now i want to take another IELTS test, so is it truth if i study Cambridge book test again ?
(i have finished them before)because i think Cambridge test books are more reliable than other test books.
Thank you very much

Dear Simon
I did my ielts general test on 7th Sep and I got 7
First of all, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to you for your invaluable help by letting us to study for IELTS via your website. I studied for the test by following your website and thanks to you that my skills improved a lot. My writing is not that bad, last time I got 6.5 in writing and I am a PhD student and dealing with many writing tasks during my studies. Also, I have published several papers in international journals and during the exam I felt that I wrote well, but I don't know what happened that I ended up like this.
I am not sure I am eligible to apply for FSW of Canada or not. Some people say since my writing is 5.5 it is not possible to apply for FSW. I searched on the web also but I couldn’t find a solid explanation for the way that they calculate the English Scores for FSW. I would appreciate if you kindly help me. I am so stressful. Honestly, I don't know whether I have to sit for another exam or not?
Dear Simon, I understand that this is not your responsibility to reply to me and you are not a consultant. I wrote to you just because I don’t have anyone else to ask
So sorry for the inconvenience caused
Thank you in advance

Hi Mr.Simon, I have some questions to ask regarding the listening test..

I did the listening test 2 from Cambridge ielts book 9. And I'm not sure whether my answers are acceptable or not.

Ques 2 the speaker says her birthday is thirty first of March 1972. So I filled in the answer as '31st March 1972' but the answer is 31 March. I used to go for an ielts private lesson and the teacher told me only the given answers are correct, others are all wrong.

But I think my answer sounds more appropriate compare to the real answer..

And Ques 34, questions about suitable employees on some business culture. And the speaker said ' not afraid of taking risks'.
The ques was : Not afraid of _____
and so I filled in the answer " taking risks "
but the real answer is only "risk/risks"

I think my answers and the real answers are more or less the same. But I confused cause my teacher said only the given answers are correct.
I'm really confused.

Please let me know whether my answers are acceptable or not.. Thank you very much.


Hi Simon
Firsly I wanted to know about the American and British spellings.For instance if it says programme ,is it right to write program in answer?
Secondly I wonder about the dictation of words that it "doesn't spell" them.For example if it said leisure, and I write laisure?

i have similar issue as of Micc. Please answer it. Its very confusing.

Hi A pretty similiar issue as of Micc, i'd found the listening test from cambridge ielts 9, the answers for eg, can be "risk/risks". How does it influence our marks? Please advise. Thank you!

thanks a loooot!

thanks a loooot!

English is my first language, but I am taking IELT's for VISA purposes. I came across this post and had to comment as I feel it extremely unfair.

With regards to Micc's question about "risk/risks" or "taking risks", I believe that "risk/risks" is correct as the section clearly states ONE WORD ONLY.

But as for the date one (31 March), this is just so ambiguous, even for a native English speaker - how can they expect people learning English not to be confused? A date of birth in English is always day/month/year, but the question states ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER.

So first off, is "31st" classed as a number or word; given it has letters as well as numbers, you could probably argue its a word, so this means you can't add a number to answer the question. But why is "31 March" any more accurate than "March 1972"? It's this sort of ambiguity that should never appear in the IELTS test. The question should have been "Date of birth: 31st ........".

To make matters worse this is only question 2, supposedly one of the easier questions, what state of mind is that going to leave the examinee!

The frustrating thing is, this is not uncommon, I have seen this in other tests.

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