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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


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Hello Simon,
I would like to tell you that ,I am going to write mt ielts (Academic ) on 21st Sep....
as I prepared n studied my best but still I want your help and tips for listening and reading module.

Hello Simon,
I have joined this group today i want to get 7 band score in my IELTS exam i will sit for exam next December. SO what should i do at this moment and also how much time i need to study please give some crucial advice about this. I think it will be very much helpful for me.Best of luck

Another tip for above diagram is :

THE DIRECTIONS on the top left-sided .It seems easy to follow the speakers in this exaplme however,in a giant one you may easily get lost.

so look at the directions first and distingush the East from the West


Dear Simon,

I have appeared in IELTS 4 time before but I could not improve my score more than 5.5 overall and 4.5 in reading. Kindly advise me, as I want to improve my band upto 6.5 or 7. I have also read your book IELTS target band 7.

Thanks & regards


hi Simon, if I write that " almost her time", is it true or false?. My friend said that I should correct into" most of her time".Please give me advice
thank you, Simon.

Your friend is right Dung. You can't say "almost her time".

thank you Mike,but can you explain for me? I don't still understand

If the map has the question numbers this is easy. How about when the map has a marked set of letters and while the conversation is going you have to find and fill them??

Hi simon! May i ask if capitalization is important in reading and listening task?? An ielts reviewer told me that i may write all caps in writing my answers in listening and reading task. But there are other teachers who told me that i should follow correct capitalization. I don't know who to follow. Thanks in advance!

In the last exam that I received 7,there was a very difficult map.I am perfect in the map questions,but in this test the map was really difficult.We had to find the 4 answers among A-I.There 4 bridges,and 3 branch ways.I could only find the first one,but I lost the direction.Be careful,some maps are very challenging,far more difficult than the questions you answer in the Cambridge books!

hello simon,
i am very weak in reading(general)module,give me some suggestions to pick up my reading and to get good score as i am writing on nov 9th
aruna from vizag

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