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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


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Hi Simon I'm Giuseppe from Italy. I'm writing this message to thank you for helping me throughout my Ielts preparation. I got 7.5 overall!!. I followed your blog for 2 months learning every single detail for a great writing through your book and all the recommendations you have been writing on your blog in order to succeed in Ielts.
I improved my score from 6 to 7.5 in 2 months so thank you so much Simon.
I wish I could come over to Manchester and pay you a drink. :)


In Speaking test, if we do not understand the meaning of any word in a question, then, how can we handle that question?


" Topic Traffic problems "

It is indeed true that traffic is burgeoning day on day. Commuting through roads is increasingly becoming difficult mainly due to umpteen vehicles , bad roads and poor traffic regulation. It is important in the national interest to lay set of rules by the traffic regulatory to be able to address the above issues.
Curbing the number of vehicles an individual can own , by leving higher taxes to handle increasing vehicles. Increasing the road tax paid to the govt for owning a vehicle will ensure more revenue to improve the existing infrastructure. Tightening the issual of driving liscense by adding an additional traffic test , thereby ensuring improved drivers.

Hi simon,
My Ielts exam on September 7 i am worried about reading and writing section. please can you give some idea about writing section. How to write agree and disagree types of questions. If i am agree on question i should write only agree point or it should be explain about disagree point too. Please suggest me.

Hi everyone
I wrote the following topic, any comments will be appreciated.
Topic, Some people say that the best way to improve public health is by increasing the number of public sports facilities. Others, however, say that this would have little effect on public health and other measures are required.
Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Doing regular exercise does improve people’s health and building more sports facilities, to a certain extent, helps to enhance this. However, the most effective way s to improve overall health standard are combing this with other measures.

On the one hand, the availability of public sports facilities has a certain effect on public health. The easier the access to these facilities, the healthier the public is. Regular exercise keeps people stay healthy by burning more calories, building healthy bones and muscles. So it is essential to do sports activities in maintaining a healthy body. If there are not enough facilities for children and retirees to use in public places, their health will be concerned. Similarly, students’ health benefits from increased number of sport facilities in schools by attending physical education lessons or joining after school clubs.

On the other hand, exercise alone can’t improve the standard of public health. Healthy diet and lifestyle play an essential role on keeping public fit. Firstly, a balanced diet needs to be promoted, such as eating at least five portions of vegetables a day and avoiding fast food and sugary drinks. Secondly, the sedentary lifestyle should be changed. By encouraging walking instead of driving for short distance and children going out to play with their peers instead of playing computer games. the chances of overweight are reduced, and the risk of having heart diseases and diabetes are elevated . As a result, public health standard will be lifted.

Based on the above discussion, my view is that increasing sports facilities can’t solely lift public health standard, consuming healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle are also required..

Hi Simon,
This is a paragraph I wrote in response to whether medial service should be run by the government instead of private companies:

Many countries that are in favor of private hospitals or clinics to provide medical service believe that private service providers can be more efficient and provide their customers with better service. Some developed countries, such as Japan and Germany, allow their citizens to choose private medical facilities over government-owned hospitals and still get their medical expenses covered by national health insurance plans. With this freedom of making choices, patients can simply go to a nearby clinic or hospital and get treatment immediately, without having to drive a long way to a government-funded hospital or wait in lines before getting the medical service they need.

Hi Simon, I would like to thank your website. It really helped me get band 7 after several attempts though I've learned
this website 5 days before my 3rd attempt and focus on writing only in those 5 days. In my 3rd attempt I got band 7 in writing but then failed to get 7 in other areas that I haven't given much attention. In my 4th attempt, I read all areas except reading, since I always got 7 in this in my past exams, but I missed .5. Thus in my 5th and final exam, I read all four sections in this website, followed all the tips, and finally I nailed it. Had I known this website before hand, I guess it would not take me 5 attempts before I pass. Though I acknowledge it's a continued learning process and it's been 18 years after I finished my studies, and I need to refresh and enhance my stock knowledge. Again, thank you.

Hi Simon
I wanted to become IELTS Examiner.please help me out for the same.


I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do still read them all, and I try to answer them in the lessons I write.


Congratulations Giuseppe and Analie!


Namita, you'll need to contact a test centre to find out about examiner training courses. Good luck!


Naresh, all you can do is try to understand the general idea of the question from the context.


Chatkuli, all of my writing advice is here in the lessons on the site. I'm sure you'll find what you need.

Thanks Simon

I bought Simon's e-book and read through his lessons and got the following results:

Listening - 8.5
Reading - 8.5
Writing - 7
Speaking - 9

Overall band score: 8.5

It's more than I even expected- Thanks Simon!!

Good luck to everyone else x x x

Hello everyone, I am taking IELTS exam on Satruday and want to post one of my writing.
Could anybody tell me is it enogh to get band 6,5
I will be glad if you could do some comments
thanks in advance
good luck to everyone in their exam :)
Traffic congestion is becoming a huge problem for many major cities. Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce traffic in big cities.
Today traffic congestion is one of the biggest problems in big cities, and as population is increasing, it is getting even worse. Therefore, both national governments, compaies, and individuals are responsible to take necessary actions in order to mitigate it.

There are several reasons (that cause)/for the congestion in metropoles. Firstly, insufficient and inconvenient public transport infrastructures lead to congesitons because these systems discourage people to use them. Consequently/As a result, people prefer to drive their car instead and this cause the traffic. Secondly, commuters tend to travel at the same time of day because most companies’ working times are fixed and not flexible. Finally, the cities which face traffic problems were probably badly planned and designed. While most companies cluster in the central zone of the city, employees live in the outskirts or suburbs.

On the other hand, governments, companies and citizens can play their part in solving traffic problem as they are equally responsible for it. National governments have the most important role in solving this as a ruling authority.First thing they could do is improving the public transport infrastructure to make it more engaged to people. And they can finance the cost of a new constructions from the individual car drivers. Governments could impose more taxes on fuel and can take a “congestion fee” for the central area of a city. The money raised could be used to make public transport more comfortable. Another solution for traffic problem can be eased by companies. They could change/bend/flex their working hours and allow their employees to work at home. In this way, there would be much less people on the roads in rush hours. Individuals have also something to do to contribute to solve this problem. They should prefer using public transport as much as they can or they could share their cars with other people. Altough their car can usually carry four or five people they drive alone on the roads. Sharing their cars will significantly reduce the number of cars on the roads.

In conclusion, traffic congestion is caused by above mentioned reasons and governments, companies and society must play their role to tackle this.

i think u can get good band by writing such paragraphs. good luck

Hi Donna,

May I know how did you study for your ielts? I need at least band 7 for each component. Honestly speaking, my basic for English is not good, so is very tough for me to achieve band 7. How many hours you spent per day to study? How did you divide the time for each component? Really appreciate if you can share some of your advice here. Thanks in advance.

Mr Simon,
i find it very difficult to remember new vocab can u suggest some ideas

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