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Saturday, August 17, 2013


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thank you

where can I do tests on this website? thank u!

Today, 17 th of August, I have taken part in IELTS exam( Listening,Reading and writing). I should be thankful to you. What You are doing here is simply unimpeachably good job! I did tremendous especially in writing section, actually it was beyond my expectation. Result will be published 30 th of this month. Pray for me.

the problem is sometimes it is really difficult to include good vocabulary related to the topic. so my writing score is still low because of very simple vocabulary and centences. what should i do? please give some advice!

I think
there is no way other than practice and increase the stock of vocabulary bit by bit.
And what I believe is that during reading you should follow the subject vocabulary and of course will take time.




Thanks a lot, sir

Hi Simon ,today i had my speaking exam ,I know I did well in 1st part , I spoke until the examiner stopped me in the 2nd part ,but i felt that i messed it up in last 3 questions in the the 3rd part ,i was obviously confused and in confident in the discussion , when i finished, the examiner told me it was more than 14 min interview ! , i feel really bad because it is my 3rd trial ,, i scored L 7, R 7, W 7, S 6 twice i need 6.5 at least ,would this limit my speaking score again at 6 band score ??,,

hi medo
will u plz help me to improve my scores in ielts.how did u prepare for exam speacially reading.i m sitting for exam next month nd I want this time to get 7 band in each module...plz give me some tips...many thanks

Hi Simon,
Could you tell me how much time does an examiner usually spend in assessing one essay?

Thank you!

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