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Friday, August 16, 2013


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Thank you, Mr. Simon. It does help us :)
However, there is a confusion in my mind.
After paraphasing the question, should I focus on only one side of the problem? Is it better if I approve one idea but also mention the other like things we do in wwriting task 2? Or should I stay in balance?

Hi Simon, this is Prasad from Hyderabad, India. I appeared for IELTS Academic in Jan 2012, my scores were L-7, S-6.5, R-6.5, W-6.5 & overall band score was 6.5 Now I am appearing for IELTS on Sep 21 as I am planning to migrate to Australia.I am a secondary school teacher and for teachers who are applying for visa in this category need to score L-8, S-8, R-7 & W-7 in IELTS Academic. Please suggest on how I can achieve these scores. Thanking you, with regards


Today I took the exam in CORK, Ireland.

For speaking the examiner actually didn't listen to me for two minutes. She stopped me and I probably talked for 1 minute. I was not tracking the time but I assumed so.

Has anyone gone through the same experience?

Pls share
I need at least 7

Dear All,

Although not 100% true, here is my sample answer using "it depends":

I think that really depends on people's personality. Some people feel it is more important and satisfying to do something they love as part of their daily job and that's why they don't care much about the salary. In other words, those people want a simple and relaxing lifestyle. On the other hand, people like me may prefer to earn a good, decent salary so that I can use the money to do other things I enjoy, such as traveling and shopping for the latest in fashion. And to accomplish this, I tend to work overtime and always try to do my best to impress my boss and see if I can get a raise.

Enjoy your weekend!


sir i have my exam in this saturday...i feel what to read ...please suggest ?should i...

Hi Simon ,today i had my speaking exam ,I know I did well in 1st part , I spoke until the examiner stopped me in the 2nd part ,but i felt that i messed it up in last 3 questions in the the 3rd part ,i was obviously confused and in confident in the discussion , when i finished, the examiner told me it was more than 14 min interview ! , i feel really bad because it is my 3rd trial ,, i scored L 7, R 7, W 7, S 6 twice i need 6.5 at least ,would this limit my speaking score again at 6 band score ??,,

I look forward to build a group to practice speaking using skype. If we start speaking together then we will able to develop our speaking skill. If anyone interested join this id --- ielts_2013

I look forward to have practice partners.

using "it depends" is never suitable for the question 'Do you think it's important to find a job that you love, or is it more important to earn a good salary?', as it is about your opinion, not what other people might or might not like. It's your personal decision.
However, for some questions It Depends is a great intro. EG Where do you like to go on vacation? It depends on what time of year or how much time I have. During the winter holiday I prefer to head South because I hate cold weather, whereas a trip to Hainan over the October holiday isn't suitable because I don't have so much time.

Thank you Simon. I love your all lessons.

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