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Sunday, August 11, 2013


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Hi Simon / Friends,

I have an issue with Multiple Choice Question in Listening. Given time is not enough to read the questions and all choices. In other hand it is difficult to read 5-6 questions and multiple choices at once and keep it in mind while listening. Is there any method to overcome this issue?

this is the writing question of academic ielts july 27.
There is no doubt that compeer and Internet are important for young people, is it important for old people too?
Why do you think it is important?
how old people overcome the difficulties in learning the computer and Internet?

Response for Nuwan: my experience tought me that the best solution is to read only two question one time and to write what you hear. Don't focus on choices, we can choose later your response according to what you have wrote previously....I hope this will help you...I improve my scores in listening from 6 to 8,5...

Dear Simon...I dear to ask you one more time to give me a precious advice ...I don't know what to do..to ask a remark after my IELTS exam or to prepare again for another test? I need 7 in all parts. Here my scores
L-6 R-7,5 W-7 S-6,5
The second time ,on 27 July, I scored :
L-8,5 R-7,5 W-7 S-6,5
I am interested only in speaking ....
Thank you very much...

hi simon
thanks for your useful tips.
is it true to use proverbs in speaking?

Hi Andreea,

Thanks for your advice and sharing your experience.
Yes I can read 02 questions at the start of the section but problem is then I don't have time to read rest of the questions because they give only one or two minutes to read all 05 - 06 questions at start. After that recording will be played and I have to focus on it and do not have time to read rest of the questions.
It is not clear for me your advice about choices. Do I need to write all the things as I hear? and select the choices after that based on what I wrote? Please can you bit explain your answer.
PS: I'm not a native English speaker.

Yes, Nuwan. My private teacher taught me this method. You must focus on every question and underline the main words and expect the possible answer to the question. Write all you can hear and it seems important for you (you can write even in your mother tongue if it is easier for you)and at the end you can eliminate the wrong answers based on what you wrote. You must practice this method several times. Practice as much as possible....Sometimes,I spent 4-5 hours daily listening and writing. In this way I improved my speed a lot.
I wish you success!
P.s. Neither do I. I learned English by my self starting from zero 2 years ago. Eight months ago , when a teacher tested me, a was level 4-5, but after three months I reached level 7! But I worked very hard.

Hi Andreea,

Thanks for the quick response and sharing your experience with me.
OK. I will try your method. hope it will work for me too.
Already I have done some listening papers and every time I got marks between 5.5 to 6.5 but my target is 7.0. Most of the time I was weak on Multiple choice questions. In normal test papers there are about 10 - 12 Multiple choice questions and most of the time I was able to answer only 2 to 4 questions correctly.
Thank you again.

for Nuwan : www.esolcourses.com/content/topicsmenu/advanced-ielts.html

Hi Andreea,

Thank you very much.

hi Simon! can u help me with my motivation letter for canadian embassy?

Hi Andreea
Both times you scored 7 in writing, it's really great, could you advice me to improve writing and reading for IELTS general. However, in day to day speaking some time I could not properly explain myself especially when I have to explain some incident or story. I really appreciate if you could help me in this matter.
Ajay Sharma

please Could anyone help me writing a letter
on this recent exam question. I would really appreciate it
Task 1

You have missed something on plane that you travelled recently. Write a letter to the Plane Manager?

What happened during the trip
Where did you missed that
What do you want to say to Manager ?

Hi Aisha, are you preparing for IELTS general, you can join me on skype ID is ajay.sharma8987

Dear Sir,

As per your web site, In ending of a letter-
I look forward to receiving your response.

but I heard some where that it should be-
I am looking forward to receive your response.

Please correct me, weather we can write "ing" after using "to" and these both lines are correct or not.

Thanks & Regards,
Kanika Monga

Dear sir

My exam is runing near my problem is that can i use name like dear mr smith, dear sam etc.in task 1 .because one of my tranier said it is wrong.please sir tell me what can i do?


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