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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


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Hi Simon,

Regard to your first advice when using Idea, explain, exp, I'm afraid that we might lack of necessary words for the test if we use only 3 sentences in each main body para!

Hi Leonard,

I'm definitely not suggesting only 3 sentences. The 'explain' and 'example' parts need to be expanded. Have a look at the second link (last week's lesson) to see what I mean.

Hi all,

I wrote an interesting presentation. Maybe you have interest to have a look and help me find out some error and inappropriate vocabularies.

Many thanks.

Presentation- When did you stop thinking you were beautiful?

I overlooked a video advertisement of Dove on the internet, which is about the camera shy. I was quite impressed and touched by it. It began with scenes of reactions from thirty beautiful ladies with broad age range who were extremely surprised of being filmed by an unexpected camera and were trying to hide from the camera as soon as possible. Some of them used their hands to cover their faces, and some turned around using their backs. Mostly, they just caught whatever in their hands (newspaper, a frying pan, pillows even curtain) naturally to block the camera from filming their reactions. Personally, I think all these ladies are quite beautiful and good-looking. “When did you stop thinking you were beautiful” was the slogan of this advertisement. At the end of the video, there were several scenes of little girls who are trying desperately to show their beauty and loveliness without any panic.

After watching this video, I could not stop wondering why these beautiful ladies hide away from the camera as adults but loved the camera as little girls. What happened along the way to stop them thinking they were beautiful? I found out 2 possible causes. Being an adult, people lose the confidence easily when they become sensitive of others’ comments and opinions. They are shy to reveal their true colors. By contrast, little girls do not care about people’s comments on their appearances. The only thing they consider important may be audience’s attention. It is common to see young girls give a broad smile or giggle uncontrollable when they face a camera. Furthermore, adults are easily to be misled by mass media who are trying to sell their viewpoints to readers. Fashion magazines, for example, select pictures of skinny models and try to set up a standard without being noticed that only slim ladies could be considered beautiful. When people open magazines and see those long and lovely legs, it is hard to think their body shapes are just fine.

Ladies, confident girls are always much shining than others. Please try to recall the memories when you were little girls. When we were doing the role plays at the old times, everyone would like to be Snow White, but nobody would play the mean and jealous queen. Why? The reason should be simple: we all believed we were beautiful.

Hello Simon Sir,
thank you so much for your wonderful website. These daily lessons are really helpful. I am currently working on writing task 2. Could you plz tell me how to build up good vocabulary. I am finding it difficult to find synonyms of the words. Thank you so much in advance

Usually I'm very confident writing essays, however under examen condition I fell so excited to show my knowledge that I 'm loosing concentration rather than stick and basically just follow the learned rules for a perfect essay to achieve my marks. Its been a few times since ever. And I'm very annoyed about that.

Hi Legend Simon

what is the difference between the discussion essay and argument/opinion essay?

could you explain it and give an examples, and how to approach each?


Hi mr.simon
I've a question that I hope I will get your comment on it
I recently sat for the ielts exam and I bit more concerned about the writing test
I startet to write task one essay and I suddenly realised that I wrote part of the essay on the last paper (number 4) which is originally for task two
I asked the organizer what to do?? He told me that there's no problem and gave me another paper and told me to start writing task two in the specified area, however, I asked him at the end of the exam, is this is going to affect my score? He told me no!
I would like to know your opinion please
Dr.abdalla maroof

Hi Simon,

Thank a lot for all advice spread on your website.
I have a question regarding the task 2 and how we should manage our time. I usually write firstly my full essay on a paper where i can correct easily mistakes and change some sentences. Afterwards, i rewrite my final essay on the answer sheet during the last 5 mins. Do you think it is the best strategy or should i directly write on the answer sheet?

If someone can help me about this essay-

It is very clear now that English should be the primary foreign language taught in all schools around the world. Learning a different foreign language before English is, in today’s world, a waste of time.
Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

there are two different parts in this essay. If I can agree first part and disagree second part?

for example: while school should offer its student to learn english language as first priority, I believe learning other foreign language is not a bad practice for the student.

someone please help me, my exam is on friday ahead ( 16 and 17 August)

Dear simon
I am following writing tips from your ace the ielts book which guide me to wrote essay on the basis of question type that is A H S but i am confused about S situation type question and always misunderstood question which ultematly loosing my ideas to generate and i fill i cannot write any more

Can you suggest that how can i generate new ideas and followed structure?

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