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Saturday, July 13, 2013


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Thanks Simon for the great advice.I think that this goes with the speaking as well.In my last exam i think that i got 8 band because using good range of vocabulary not because my performance was outstanding.I think that it was the poorest performance i've ever made in my life :)

Hi Simon,

I heard we should not fill half of the first or second paras in task2 with examples. Is it true?

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your clarification.
Indeed, it is very beneficial and helpful!

That's not true Naresh. There's no rule about using examples.

I hope some of my students are reading this post Simon.

I keep telling saying 'use the grammar you know and use it well'. This is not the time to get clever.

Good writing scores come from planning well, generating ideas, and answering the whole question with topic related vocabulary.

...and that will teach me to check my messages before I post...

Hi simon
Thanx for advise ....

Hi Magi. I had to read your message 3 times before I noticed anything wrong. We're only human!

Hi Simon

i'm puzzled if i speak fluently with interesting point but my grammar is very basic indeed,like i like it very much, there are many interesting places in my hometown, is it possible for me to get over 6 or even to 7?


Hi Simon:

I completely do not agree with this strategy. We will be scored out of 8 when we do not use variety of grammars. Variation of grammar is 1/9 of total score , and error free grammar 1/9. So we will lose 1/9 !!!

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