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Saturday, July 20, 2013


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Although another nice sentence is:

A competitive atmosphere in lessons leads to motivated students.

Hi simon !

I took the test on July 6 and got a band 7.5!

Listening: 8.5
Reading: 8.0
Writing: 6.5
Speaking: 6.5

Thanks for everything !

Your lessons really makes a difference !

You are the best !

Hi Simon
I just got my scores for IELTS exam 6th july. General module
Listening: 6.0
Readind: 7.0
Writing: 6.5
Speaking: 5.5!!!
overall: 6.5

this is my second effort. first time on sep. 2012 L 6.5 R 6.0 S 6.0 W 5.5
I'm shocked and very disappointed. I worked very hard for my weakpoints writing and reading and improved them for 1 band score this time but I missed another skill which I never think.
I'm not native and the cue card was not familiar and I encountered for the first time.I was confused to prepare answer so I missed the exam. I don't know what can I do with this type cue cards. If it was in my native language I would answer it very hard. I'm not sure for re-marking. do you have any advice? thank you for your lessons. I think your lessons are the best for improving skills in a short time.

The sentence 3 is not kind of ' cause and effect' or consequential result.
If I use another verb for this sentence...
A competitive atmosphere in lessons encourages students' motivation.

sir why we use can..?

sir, is this sentence correct...
Overexposure to tragedies can lead to people becoming insensitive to it

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