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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


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I completely agree with you , simon. I was thinking about this some days ago how my generations has a huge source of culture available however the people cant realize about it.. Im following this advice and therefore i have been watching a lot of videos for the IELTS.. What do you think that is the best listening videos , based on the exam that i will listen two speakers or three in just one exercise?


I can't agree with you more. TV, for instance. I usually watch Star World channel. The more films, document videos or some reality programs I watch , the more various voices I can learn.

Thanks Simon. I just knew more good idiom:
"They have the Internet at their disposal"

at your/somebody's disposal
available for use as you prefer/somebody prefers
He will have a car at his disposal for the whole month.Well, I'm at your disposal (= I am ready to help you in any way I can).

Hi Simon
Could you please advice good book to learn grammar.

Ajay Sharma

In the writing task 2, when they say:
Argue for or against.

Can we address both sides of the argument before stating my own opinion or do I have to give only my side of the story?

Yes, it is so true what Simon is saying. Students nowadays are so fotunate to have the Internet and they all should take advantage of it!

I'm sure most people in this blog check their Facebook accounts every day, so one way to make good use of it is to "like" useful and reliable pages such as TED, National Geographic, BBC News, CNN News, and so on, this way you can get the latest news/articles/videos ALL in English. Another thing they can do is to switch the search engines and e-mail accounts to English. Back in my days, I even forced myself to uninstall my Spanish Windows 98 and replace it with the English version!

Anyway, the point is to build your own English environment!!!


Thank you for your tips. I was trying everyday keeping myself immerse to English environment. I hope it help as you said.

I have my IELTS on 6th July.Can someone please tell me weather the following topic should be discussed about Primary education or Tertiary education?Since primary education is already free in most of the countries?

Education is not a luxury, but a basic human right and as such should be free for everyone irrespective of personal wealth.
Do you agree or disagree?

I am sorry it is not related to the listening section.

Thank you for giving the great advice for us, Simon.
I'd like to share one contents for listening which is Pod castLondon School of Economics Public lecture

It is gathered real lectures from university, and I think it's useful due to Ielts use such style contents and we can choose one by our interest from variety category.

It's really an amazing blog for improving Ielts band score. I have been depressed with my last two ielts attempts. Now, My preperation is good. Can you help me too answer multiple choice questions with long answers in listening? They are the only questions that influencing my results.
Thank You.

thank Simon. I can study your website at my disposal. I'm fond of it. Thank so much Simon again.

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