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Monday, May 20, 2013


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Dear Simon,

Should we answer the easiest questions first and then move to the more difficult ones later? For example the questions including names or numbers as you mentioned or to answer them in thier order in the question paper?

Have a good day,

Useful tips as always.. however when you say about the question order according to the text i think that its not a rule.. obvious that in 99% of questions its in this way but sometimes there are some questions that doesnt follow a order..

Dear Soha,

From my personal experience, I would say that you should try and answer the questions in order, as they are usually set that way. Nonetheless, if you find you are spending too much time with a particular question, it is wise to skip it and have another try later. Answering systematically "easy" questions first is not so good an idea, taking into account that you will have to face the "difficult" ones more tired and with no clear reference to their actual place in the text. Any other ideas are also welcome.
Good luck for us all.

any one who need 7+ or 7 each score and like to practice IELTS speaking, plz add me on skype, my id is rajas8099. thanks

Thank you Mikel.You confirmed that my way in answering the questions in order is the best method.
would you please help me in the below question ??

In IELTS 9 i faced a problem with the general eading test B:-

In questions from 8-14 the instructions were to choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS,However when I answered the questions I found the answers as ( 25 percent - 15 percent ).
Although i know the right answers but the instructions made me confused and i was hesitant to add the number in my answer..Do they count the numbers as letters or what ?

Thanks in advance,

As far as I know, expect the article, all the word and the number will be counted.

Hi again Soha,

I think you will have no problem writing your answer either in figures or with letters. Useless to say that if you doubt, follow the instructions strictly. I would have written: twenty-five percent and fifteen percent, since both answers have no more than three words. On the other hand, I think that the answer in figures would also be a very plausible one.
I hope Simon agrees with this tip.


Dear simon and followers,
I've been practising reading module from cambridge books in exam conditions and finished them all accordingly. Could you please share me any other ideas, how can i practice further in achieve desired score 7+.

Dear Simon and friends,

I'm looking for a piece of advice please. I agree sometimes answers are in order, like half of the reading passage has answers for questions of section 1 and second half for section 2. But sometimes answers run in parallel for both section of questions, for example, first question of each section has got their answers in first paragraph and so on for rest of the passage.

Can someone advice please the way out of this?? I had a test on 16th and I was comfortable with all modules expect I lost in reading section.

Dear Mikle ,Simon answered as below:


Hi guys. To answer some of the questions here, it's best to consult a specialist grammar book or website. For example, here's a grammar site that explains the difference between "such as" and "like" in more detail:



A couple of other points:

You can use pen or pencil - both are fine (some test centres will provide pencils).

Instructions usually say "... words AND/OR a number", so "25 percent" is accepted as "ONE word AND a number".

____________________________________________After i get this answer i mentioned that the instructions were NO MORE THAN 3 WORDS , so he answered as below again :
Hi Soha,

Don't worry, numbers are accepted as words for that kind of question.


To Pooia and Mikle:

I agree with you that all words and numbers will be counted.The problem i found that Why they did not mentioned AND/OR A NUMBER in the instructions as they are very restrict with adding or not adding even articles!! Do not you agree guys that this is confusing..?

@ Mikle again, I like your smartness in creating a suitabl answer ,i mean to write the figures in letters not numbers .I like fruad in this case lool

@ Khurram

Reading has nothing to do except to read alooooooootttt.. From Simon's website i got .5 extra in Reading and i believe that i will get 7 or even more by more practice from this website and the official Cambridge books 1-9.

Keep it up and read evrything around you :)

if anyone can assist me in reading and speaking sections kindly add me on skype mehran.abbas1

Dear Mehran.

How do you need the assistance of Reading?

For Speaking it is clear but in Reading how would you like it to be ??


Hello Simon,

I had given IELTS Exam General Module three time but it's very hard to get 7 band. How can I practice in each module? I got lowest band in reading 5 or 5.5, so please give me some some suggestion to improve..

Hello everyone! I've just got my results, second take, L 7.5, R 6.5, W 6, S 7.5. I want to improve reading and writing. If anyone has any solution how to improve quickly, please share the knowledge. I did IELTS CAmbridge books 9,8 and now 7. I think the stress is the most influential and crucial aspect why it is hard for me to make it better. About writing, I think I wrote not enough words and it was too much mess. Beside hard work I will try to do affirmations as suggested in here: http://inspiyr.com/how-to-turn-procrastination-into-action/3/ good luck everyone!


I am from Thailand. I will attend the Ielt exam on 27th of July. Could anyone please provide me the previous question in writing test and speaking test through my email abie.ummie@gmail.com



In ielts book 6, reading test1, passage1, question 13, why it is 20% and not2%?

Dear Simon,

Hi, many thanks for your helpful website.

I wonder if you could tell me whether the summery completion questions in READING are in order or not.

I greatly appreciate your generosity.



hi plz can someone help me in reading because i gave the ielts test on 12th octuber and i got overall 5.5bands but reading went worst and i got 4.5 in reading so plz help me. REGARDS ; Muhammad waleed

Hello all,

Thanks a lot for such a nice platform. There are some methods and tips for reading and listening. But I have never got more than 25/40 in reading. Please suggest me some good step by step procedure to improve it.


Hello, raja. I would love to talk to you via skype so as to get a higher score from speaking module of IELTS. Let me contact you, please.

hi sir
my name is son.i would like to ask you some questions about ielts test. i have done ielts before,a result was horrible i got 7 for speaking while writing and reading just 4.5 and listening was 5,5.could you please give me some advices or tips to help me improve my english skills.i'm going to do ielts again in 16 august and my goal is 6.thank you so much

I took an IELTS exam last July 7 and my score was L-6 R-6.5 W-6.5 and S-8. (Well in listening i wasn't that focus because I can clearly hear the other side of the room which has the same test in our room plus on writing I have a lot of erasures that I didn't reach the required number of words and the pencils they provided were awful so I suggest you bring your own pencil.) . I really want to improve my reading skills. I find tricky with those questions that can be answered with TRUE , FALSE or NOT GIVEN. I just don't get it, I do practice a lot but then I always fail on that part. When do I really need to choose between NO and NOT GIVEN? I Am going to take the IELTS exam this coming August 16 again. Please help me. 😰

Hi Simon,

Anyone need help in IELTS exam who lives around Kuala Lumpur?

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