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Tuesday, May 07, 2013


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Dear Simon,
Thanks a lot for your advice

Thanks for this valued advice, there is one more related confusion.

Some compound words are sometimes joined with hyphen e.g. "full-time". So for those words would it be acceptable if the hyphen is omitted like "full time"?

Many thanks in advance.


in IELTS book 9: is it acceptable If I wrote "loud ____" in test 1
listening Q35 instead of only "____" (The model answer)

Hello Simon.
Can you tell me about numbers. When I had the exam, which was on the 6 of april, there were some questions with numbers. Some students said to me that if you write for example some sums, you should write it with commas (£1.800). Is it true???

Hi Simon & guys,

I have a trouble with the listening test when we need to write down the date.
We can see in this listening test Simon talked about the date written down is 23rd March.

The answers in Cambridge book are vary.

18th April
18 April
April 18th

I just so confused how to translate it right.

Anyone has the answer?

Hi melody
18th April and April 18th are both suitable, I think. I always write the date like these.

I'm quite confused with date as issue risen by Melody. In Cambridge IELTS Practice Test 9 Book for example, the correct answer for question 2 about date of birth is 31 March where we can listen clearly for 31 March 1972. In addition, the instruction state that its limited to write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER. Any explanation from the floor?


Some answers to students' questions above:

- Don't worry about hyphens: "full-time" and "full time" would both be fine.
- Don't worry about commas in numbers: "£1,800" and "£1800" would both be correct.
- Dates can be written in any of the ways suggested by Melody. If the date is correct, don't worry about how it's written. The easiest is "18 April".
- If you are only allowed ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER, "31 March" must be the correct answer (one number and one word) - don't give the year as well.

Thank you very much. I am so grateful for everything.

Hi simon,
Can u please explain what is "least time of childhood" it was Q card topic in speaking test of my friend. Thanks

Hi Simon and friends,

In a example,the voice redord is saying:"local city area" but the answer key is "local area". If we write "local city area" is it wrong ?

Complete the notes. Write no more than 3 words.
Places to look for adverts:
University newspapers

sorry, the sentence is : "local city newspaper"
answer is: "local newspaper"

Hello Simon,

Do we have to mention am or pm for time if the recording does not says about pm or am but says evening or morning? Word limit: no more than tree words.

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