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Friday, April 26, 2013


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hai simon i am very poor in vocabulary please helpe me

Lucky you as you are a native speaker!!! I wish I was in the UK (lol) to be good enough to score band 9 in IELTS.

sorry ( I was born)

Hi Simon,

What kind of accent do you have? London accent or Manchester accent or cannot distinguish it? Which one is more common or people like to have it?


where are you from?

Thanks Simon
That one is my model of speaking, beacuse I had same experience but couldn't express in English.

all the best

Urgent help!
Hi Simon,

I have done my ielts today. In my writing task 2, I wrote "...boarden their knowledge..." about 3 terms in the essay. I recognised it should be bRoaden!!! )): does it affect a lot on my score!!! Wrong only those spelling )): i can believe it!!! Time is rushing!! )): i wasnt able to check spellings )):

Hi Willy
I guess You had a question about " Parents are sending children to study to far from home. What are the resons and how does this influence on individual? "
This was last weeks real exam question in my country.
I wish the examiner would ignore when he is evaluating your final score.
good luck

hi dear simon,
thank you for your great information, i have a question about writing Part, i have ielts exam today, i did my writing part two pretty well but in part 1(letter) i did it in 140 words because of lack of time :( i want to know how it could effect my writing score ? i am really worry about that:(

Dear Simon
In speaking test if I am given the topic which I don't know what to say can I answer in a weird way like below? Will I get sufficient score?

Describe a valuable thing you have?
Actually, I am a pauper. I do not own any valuable good. Only thing which is the most valued is my pet dog. It is a female dog with silky black hair and it is small sized dog so can be called a lap dog. It is a really talented dog and can perform different activities which can entice people. Whenever I run out of money I take my dog to a carrefour or an open place and play music, my dog perform dance and people throws money for dog. That is how we make our living. So, I love my dog very much and it is most valued in my life.

Answer is very strange. But I am eager to know can this kind of answer is also ok or not. Please answer me. If you are busy to answer please answer as you can or you cannot.

Who are you " me"

you said : my description was written rather than spoken

but i looked up in dictionary "get going"
and answer was:
start moving, make a start (Slang)
marked slang or informal(in oxford dictionary)!

hi , if anyone wants to practice IELTS speaking through skype can call me ,, my account is moataz.fathi1

Thank you Simon!

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