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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


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the answer A


(B) is the correct answer:

"a poor use of resource" = "a waste of funds"

"elitist" = "the minority"



The answer is:

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My option is B
But dear Minh, İ think ELİTİST means wealthy people


Hi Guys,
Answer is B
reason : it says in answer 'minority will use it' mean small number of people.and that is supported by just over 40%(minor group=small number) will use it,whereas rest means largish(over 50%) are minority group againt it.
so that refer 40% to elistic group,and they are in small number means minority.

* ELITIST- doesnt mean welthy or poor.please google its meaning.

I hope thats clear for other,otherwise Simon will explain more better than me.

my answer is A

sorry forgot to mention other half,

waste of funds = a poor use of resources.

Both above explanations support answer B.


a largish minority = only a minority
a waste of funds = a poor use


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elitist =a minority would use it.
a poor use of resources =a poor use of resources .



I think B.


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The answer is B

a poor use of resources = a waste of funds
a minority = elitist

@ Ph - IELTS :The best teacher has to go to Simon page and tell that "I am the best"?


elitist = only a minority
a waste of funds = a poor use of resources


My answer is B




elitist = only a minority
a waste of funds = a poor use of resources

(elitist = for a small, select group of people, usually only the richest or best in a particular field)

Thansk Simon it means that my version was not false about ELITIST (I WROTE THAT IT MEANS WEALTHY PEOPLE)

My arguments are :

elitist means only a few people
a waste of funds means a poor use of resources.

I have no idea what 'a largish minority were strongly against it', as far as I noticed the 40% respondents were the minority who in favour to build the theatre.
Anyone could explain the meaning of 'largish' ?
Thank you

a largish minority- a large minority, significant in the number

B, this was an easy one...


elitist => minority
a waste of funds => a poor use of resources

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