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Tuesday, April 02, 2013


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there is no subtitle. does anyone tell me how can subtitle be displayed. thanks!

yes there is in fact there are 9 different languages subtitle just click on bottom of the video right hand side on languages to turn on subtitle.

few new words and meanings from great presentation/demonstration

coated(adj): covered with outer layer of film
nanotechnology: branch of engineering that deals with things smaller than 100 nanometer.
porous ( adj): vessels or holes, opposite word nonporous

What I have learnt...
Exciting technology
Give you a hint
For great benefits
Coax it to leave
Bacteria won't survive
Help revolutionize your field of work

I love this video. It's awesome.
just picked up some words from the video
experience a new, available and exciting technology
waterproof our lives
atoms and molecules and control them
reach up and grab
anti-icing, anti-corrsion, anti-bacterial

1. coat with a spray
2. control for great benefits
3. a billionth of a meter
4. to put some scale
5. something is one nanometer thick
6. a pane of glass
7. pour green-tinted water
8. coax something to leave
9. billions of interstitial spaces
10. an umbrella of air

hi Simon,
I have question regarding writing task - 2 .
If question said that "Do you agree or disagree ?".

Which one is better to write and why ?

It is agreed that


I agree that


Good work guys!


a cinder block

superhydrophobic shield





a pane of glass

green-tinted water


craggly surface

interstitial spaces

it glides


the paddle

thank small

cutting out the design

demos Ultra-Ever Dry, a liquid repellent coating, it benifits alot in how water proof our life.

if you had a nanoparticle that was one nanometer thick, and you put it side by side, and you had 50,000 of them, you'd be the width of a human hair.


1.Superhydrophobic: the rounder the water droplet the more hydrophobic it is.
2. Shield coating.
3. We are likely rely small here.
4. Water based materials.
5. Nanotechnology coating.
6. Coax it to leave.
7. Reach up and grab the molecules.
8. Cover the surface with air.
9. The application in a general sense.
10. Bacteria won't survive.
11. Self-cleaning
12. Revolutionise

Correction; I meant really in point number (3). Not rely.

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