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Tuesday, April 09, 2013


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Hi Simon,
I want 7 bands in each ielts general training module but I only scored 6 or 6.5, I already appeared twice. However, I want to know is it possible to get 7 bands in each module or how much hard work I need to do in order to achieve 7 bands. Please can anyone help me in this regard?

Hi Simon,

I totally agree with all these tips, especially the 6th one!!! I also keep telling my students to proofread their homework before submitting it, which is the kind of hard work that everyone must go through if they want to quickly improve!

Thanks for today's lesson.


Dear Simon,
To me, your website is very usefuf for everyone to study. Almost of talks in TED.com are long and difficult to follow them so you could give me another to practice listening skill
Many thanks


Hi simon,

Good tips.


Hi,every one
Basic spelling book by Michael temple is also good to improve spelling

Hi Simon.
I have some problems with singular and plural in listening, in the case which grammar doesn't help us to recognise. Could you help me some tips to improve the ability to distinguish two types of noun in listening, I always lost my score because of this situation. Thank you for your support!

Hello,Simon! Not such a spelling mistake is a problem for me, but I often get confused when I do some practice on Cambridge test books. For instance, when in Listening part,answer for the question starts with capital letter and I wrote without;and you know it's always tough to make a conclusion how they decide to write or not with capital letters. (filling the gaps: the _(title of dissertation)_ consequently I wrote Fishing Industry, however the real answer was spelled like fishing industry. Another task requires only one word or number and I put 5-12, the answer says 5 to 12; or gap filling in the table, on the one side of column other given words were written with capital letters and following that I put Missed departure, however the correct answer was missed departure... Because of that kind of mistakes I assume that I can't get high marks even if I get the right answers or almost right :). I really appreciate if you can clarify this point. Many thanks.

hai simon it is true we must check the spelling

hi simon can you please write one full essay as an example ...then it will be good for me to clarify my doubts.if i get the same question i become more happy...thank you...

Hi Simon,
I recently appeared for IELTS & got L-6.5/R-5.5,W-7,R-6 & got overall 6.5. Pl. advise how can i improve my score to at least above 7.0.

I will take IELTS test in the few upcoming months ..in the listening my problem is always the spelling ...please if you could help me in this issue ...I know that there is a book in the ielts listening vocabulary if you can please send me a copy
thank you

Hi Simon,

Thank you for being such a motivation. I have been using this blog of yours for over a week and I can say my self confidence is being boosted as I spend hours practising. My test date is on the 26th of October, 2013 and I wish it would come sooner because you have equipped me with the necessary information to make my desired band score. God bless you for being consistent.

Dr. Joy Ekpata (Nigerian Optometrist)

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