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Saturday, April 20, 2013


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Hi, simon.
what is "second conditionals" and "first conditional"

hi Simon

My sentence is as below
1) In my opinion, people cannot refuse to change in their lives. If they accept changes, they will get more different chances in their lives.

2) Fried foods bring a lot of dangerous substances to human beings. If people rejected to eat them, they would be less problems concerning overweight.

3) In my perspective, doing exercise is the best way to lose weight. If people can exercise regularly, they will become thinner and even healthier than before when they never do that.

Hi simon,
some of your lessons have recently become repetitive.

Hi Mansour,

I do repeat the occasional lesson here and there - sometimes I update them, sometimes I repeat them because people have asked a related question. Other times I'm just too busy to create something new!

Well noticed anyway - you've obviously been following my lessons carefully!

Hi Simon,

I just want to know the reading passages in IELTS come from which books, I means most common books from which they take these passages. can we assess these books online or some of them thanks

Hello dear Simon!
PLEASE explain to (or for) me How we can use

TO and FOR

Thanks in advance

This is the first time I heard first/second conditional, and I found there are zero/third conditional as well after google it. Thank you, learn something new today.

Hi Simon,
My sentences are as follows:

Governments should ban the advertising of junk food. If the junk food advertising
were banned, fewer people would eat junk food.

Another solution would be to impose tax on car use in peak hours. If governments imposed
tax on using car in peak hours, the traffic congestion would be eased.

I guess online education may become popular in the future. But if online education
becomes more popular, the number of foreign students in traditional universities will drop.

DEAR SIMON I also can not use correctly -Not only----- but also Could you explain it please

thanks in advance

Hi Simon,
I do not know whether my sentences are grammatically correct?!

-Petrol and other energy sources play significant role in prosperity of countries. If the government increased the price of fuel, traffic congestion and environmental problems would be declined

-Video games leave an unconscious impression on development of adolescents’ social skills. If the more educational electronic games were available, the parents would be easily able to understand their benefits


I know it's taught that there's a difference between the 1st and 2nd conditional. The former you use the present and will and the latter past and would.

I've read the various reasons for the difference between the two. But basically how do you see the difference and why do you use the different conditionals in your three example sentences.

Also, is the difference much of a big deal in IELTS writing? I would think most native speakers don't really differentiate between the two and it's sometimes all relative. What do you think?

Hi Simon,

In general writing task1, if I use contraction such as I'll, how any words is it counted as? 1 or 2? and how about the phrases like 'Yours sincerely', will these be counted as well?


people are taking more medicines without consultation to physicians. if this continues, it would present more health dangers to the public. is this sentence true???


I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do still read them all, and I try to answer some questions in my lessons in the category below:


Hi Simon

Thanks for your nice advice about every task.
at last, I've got 7 in each part of ielts

Hi Samaneh,

You just have problems with article" the"

1)Petrol and other energy sources play significant role in THE prosperity of countries

2)Video games leave an unconscious impression on THE development of adolescents’ social skills

3)If the more educational electronic games==> If more educational electronic

hi simon
could you pls tell me which one is correct?
if the retirement age did not raise we would experience many beneficiary effects.

if the retirement age was not raise we could experience many beneficiary effects.

pls let me know asap s me exam is vry soon.

Hi sir simon,

Thank you for your website. I am learning everyday. I am just a little bit sad because only now that I discovered your website. I already book my exam.

Hi Simon, This is my sentence:

To my vantage point, the amount of unscatted heritage sites in a country can help a community to boost their financial situation. If government tries to keep the historical monuments in better modern condition, it will definitely increase the amount of keen tourist in a society.

Thanks for your pragmatic website!

In my opinion, If children's want to keep a good health to learn study regularly ,they will encourage of his study. if they want to study regularly, We should help them

Hello Buddy!

Here are two sentences :

1)If internet could not come into reality,it would be impossible for me to find out all school friends through face book .

2)While the rich people surely afford the high cost for taking up medical facility due to the coming vat on medicines ,the poverty stricken people will not bear up excessive cost.

Thanks .

Good Night.

In my opinion, government ought to give strict punishment to criminals to reduce the rate of re-offences.If the environment in the jail were more painful and restricted, the offenders would think twice before perpetrating a crime again.

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