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Sunday, March 17, 2013


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hello simon

please tell me how task 2 in general writing is different from task 2 in acedemic writing.

please add more material about general reading task 1

I totally have no idea of the following question. Would any one help me ?
One of your friends has asked you to be a partner in his new start-up business. Write a letter to him and say

- What is your opinion on his new business idea?
- What have you decided on this matter?
- What are the reasons for your decision?

Dear Sir,

I am writing for some suggestion to improve my score IELTS GT test. I took exam twice but I have to need more higher score from exiting L-5.5, R- 5, W-5, S- 6 to one or higher score such as individual 6 or higher.

I missed answer most of the cases Multiple Choice question in Listening and Reading. So, I want to help from you how I get the my expecting score.

Thanking you,

can I write in all caps in both writing task 1 and 2 in the general training ielts test?

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