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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


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Hi Simon
I need your help
I am IELTS Trainer
please give some guidance for training my student more effectively .

hi Simon
I purchased your ebook, it's really awesome.
I have a question-
is it essential to draw an example in the body of an essay or it's ok to put down only explanation. because I dont find any example for some of the particular essay topic.

Hi Messy,

Just use the advice in my lessons here on the blog. Good luck!


Hi Hassib,

No, examples are not essential. You only need to support your ideas well, and examples are ONE way of doing that. I didn't put many examples in the ebook because examples are often personal and depend on the culture, interests and experience of the person writing the essay. It's best to use your own examples rather than use what someone else gives you.

Hope this helps!

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