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Thursday, February 14, 2013


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Hi Simon
First of all I would like to share my happiness of passing Ielts exam with you. sat for the Feb 2nd exam and received my results today:
S=8.0 (Overall = 8.5)
I was facing difficulty with writing and did not know the exact pattern. I had only 10 days to study and needed a score of 7 in all fields. In the ensuing 10 days, I went extensively through your posts and suggestions, esp the writing section. It helped me tremendously in finding my darker areas, improvising on my writing style at the correct time and the result is in front of you.
I want to thank you once again for the effort you have put in to help students all free of cost!! My advise to test-takers is, kindly go through the pattern he has suggested, its helpful. Only different thing I did was writing overview as conclusion in the end (Task 1. Also, avoid giving personal examples in Task 2.
Best of luck to all of you and request to Simon to continue his commemorable effort of helping students. :)

Congrats Arpana

Congratulations Alpana, and best of luck to those of us that will be sitting for our ILETS exam tomorrow.

Congratulations Arpana. Great scores!

Hi Simon,

First of all thank you so much for this amazing site.
I have a question about reading part. Let's assume that a question's answer is 'the celebrity culture' in the reading part. If I write 'celebrity culture' as an answer, will I lose points?

Thank you very much in advance

That answer would be fine Alper.

hey simon .i request u can u plz give some good idea regarding speaking part2

describe a situation which makes u laugh?
plz reply thanks

Dear Simon,

I don't understand the meaning of "the figure for".

Pls explain more details.

Thank you so much Simon!
This is very useful lesson!

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