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Friday, February 22, 2013


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Hi Simon & everyone,
Sorry if my comment is irrelevant to this post..
could you please help me with my introduction for this question:

Some say that students should concentrate on the subjects that they like, others suggest that they should focus on all schools subjects. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

i wrote:
People have different views about what students should focus on, only the subjects they are interested in or all those presented in school curriculum.

i will take the exam on 9th March plz help me. i'm sooooo stressed out.

Sorry i forgot to type the rest of intro

here it is:

People have different views about what students should focus on, only the subjects they are interested in or all those presented in school curriculum. In my opinion, it is important for students to study different range of subjects.

Hi Simon and everyone..
please give correction for the ideas below!

In this occasion, I would like to tell you about a research project that I have done with my team. It was a task from our lecturer to search language acquisition in children. I was as a member of the team has responsibility to identify children' language from 1 - 2 years, while two other friends do research from 0- 1 year. we got difficulties how to get the data so much from our subjects. some children may cooperate with us and others do not. we need patient and some strategies to handle them.

I remember that once when I was a student in the school of pharmacy we had to prepare a presentation about the novel methods of drug therapy. Our team included me and three other students. So, as the first step, all four of us did some research in order to find an interesting topic. After a few days we had a meeting and we discussed about different ideas and possible subjects for our project and we finally chose one. Then each of us was assigned to perform some specific tasks and we all concentrated on our duties and worked really hard on them for the following weeks. According to my previous experiences using audiovisual materials, I became responsible for preparing the presentation in Powerpoint software and also presenting it. We had six weeks to finish our project. So every week we had a meeting to review the collected data. At the end of the fourth week my team-mates explained me everything that was supposed to be presented. At last, our project was among the best ones in our class. My team-mates used to be just my classmates before working on that project but after that teamwork experience we all became good friends.

In the speaking section, the examiner asked me :

- what was your first use of the internet ?

I really don't remember, but i decided to talk about one of my early uses which was : tutorials for Adobe Photoshop ( graphical design ), it was not my first use but i have something to talk about with the examiner.



Hello Simon,

First, I would like to say thank you for uploading tremendous useful tips for ielts test takers. I find you website is very valuable with all the practical tips.

So thank you so much for your effort without asking anything in return, I am really appreciate what you try to do, and I also believe that many others do the same.


I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do still read them all, and I try to answer some questions in a lesson once a week.

PS. Thanks Christy! It's nice of you to say that.

Hi Simon, Can you please provide me your email address? I think it is sometimes better to use email instead of comment here~
Thank you in advance!

Hi Parisa

Your speach looks natural .Very good one


Hi Simon,

Suppose you lie for the speaking test, part B, when you have to do an impromptu talk. Then your examiner asks you more about this in part C. At that point, you run out of steam with your lie, and just admit to their face, "Sorry, I just made that up. Can we talk about stuff that actually happened from now on?" Now is this ok, to actually just admit it straight out? I can't find any official guidance.

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