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Saturday, February 02, 2013


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Part 2 - speak for 2 minutes
Describe an interesting home that you have visited.It was spacious modern two-stories house in the centre of Jordan capital city, Amman. When you look at this house from the street, you can see, right away, the high trees around the house and the brickwork roof of it. This house is the place where you feel safe, comfortable and settled. As for me, I like modern houses. They are, in my opinion, more up-to-date and more attractive.When you enter the front door you can see the huge chandelier in the top of the entrance hallway; open floor plan ground floor residential design . Also, you'll definitely notice the white marbled stairs up to the first floor.In the first floor, there are two bedrooms, one bathroom and a large living room. The living room, which is the room that I really like in this house, has two big sofas and a very nice massage chair. And with an amazingly huge LCD screen in it, it is quite nice for watching movies and having some popcorn at night.

I think English people have intend to use common sense sentences:
1.engaged in vocational training programme.
2.join the labour market.
3.contribute to economic activity.
4.develop the relationship
5.dedicated themselves.
6.economic challenges.
7.government's commitment to providing basic services of highest quality to citizens.
8.to fulfill citizen's needs and respond to their priorities.
9.to doing what is necessary
10. linking salaries to inflation averages.
increasing the allowance for improving living standards.
11. renewable and alternative
who are facing difficult circumstances.
12. the rule of law that protects rights and freedoms.

A-Collocations with money: Taxpayers’ money: Money laundering:
Capital finance: Household income: Cash payment: Credit facilities:
Currency crisis: Expenditure level: Finance minister: Price cut: Savings account
B-value and beliefs; Individual morals: Traditional values: Ethical code: Follow customs:
C- global problems and opportunities; annoying incident: I lost my wallet last week.
awkward situation : both sides refuse to talk to each other
momentous event: my cousin’s wedding. memorable occasion:
burning issue: energy costs have been a burning issue several times in the last few decades. devise issue: terrible dilemma : all governments face a terrible dilemma over funding priorities. faint possibility: there is a faint possibility that the plan will succeed. Serious problem: excellent opportunity: adverse circumstances:
dangerous situation: perfect solution: unexpected outcome: agricultural society:
dominant culture: urban population: modern civilisation: governing elite:
D- views; breathtaking view: planting season: tree conservation: spectacular scenery: derelict factory:panoramic view:
E-the world of work and training: career ladder: earn a livelihood: job opportunities:
improve their job prospects: work ethic :impressive achievement:
a lack of achievement: fair chance: considerable advantage:
gain advantage: obvious disadvantage: have disadvantage:
considerable benefit: enjoy benefit: massive improvement:
show improvement: career opportunity: employment prospects:
offer prospects: enormous success: achieve success:
F- places
residential area; safe neighbourhood; northern region: tourist hot spot: pedestrian zone:
G- collocations with the word relationship, broken relationship: build relationship: close relationship: family relationship: long-lasting relationship: network of relationship:
parent-child relationship: professional relationship: special relationship:
H- related to systems
electricity grid: gas supply: oil industries: railway. satellite system: water supply:


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