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Sunday, January 13, 2013


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what you've done is simply adorable. My respect for creating this great forum. Thank you Simon. Giao from Vietnam

Dear Simon, you have great helping hands for all the needy students regarding IELTS exams.
I, therefore, solute you on making such efforts.

Hello our great teacher,
we really appreciate what you have done since you found this forum. your free lessons, e-book, advises and your helpful comment. This effort attract many student who are getting lost among thousand of unreliable less helpful forum.
you are expert teacher and surely you that student sometimes have important points to be discussed so, if you passed across some of these point, we will need your comment(providing that you have enough TIME)
many thanks for your continuous help .

Hello Simon, I really like your site and I am planning to sit to IELTS exam 16th Feb.
I have some questions:
Is it possible to give me contacts of teachers who can check my writing and give me a feedback, and do you know how much will it cost?
How long do you think it will take me to study your task two in your ebook, currently I have studied all other sections?
Do you know where I can get full IELTS Academic test sample?
Thank you in advance for your reply

Hi simon,
Its realy great help from you.I realy learnt alot from this site.
I would like to know that what are the common topics to practice for writing task 2 in ielts exam?
Thank you

Hi Simon,

Thanks for bringing up this website for everyone in the world. I prepared for the exam following your guidelines and was very confident while appearing for the exam. You e-book has been of great help and boosted my confidence in attempting in Writing Task2.

I appeared for the exam on 12th Jan and results are awaited.

Hi Simon,
Many thanks for your help and answer the questions.
I have a question it would be grateful if you answer this question:
I don't know whether in this example “for the last 5 years “in the past perfect form is correct or not?
I have had this car for the last 5 years. ======> (Past perfect):
I told him that I had had this car for the previous 5 years.(or for the 5 years before)
Which one is correct and what is the correct sentence?


Hi Simon,

Happy New Year to you :) this website of yours is so helpful. I got band 7(writing)last Dec 1 exam here in Manila. I followed the format here. God Bless and more power to you. Now I know the importance of putting your opinion in the introduction. Many thanks :)

Arnie :)

The 1st one is correct since "I have had this car for the kast 5 years" is still true no matter if you put it in the Reported Speech.

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