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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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Probably not the most relevant post for this.

Could anyone write this essay ?
It was a question of last week, Uk.

If people are given choice not to work or spending most of their time working, most people will like not to work. To what extent do you agree with the statement?

With the rapid development of modern life, average longevity, recently, seems to be on the increase. Being accompanied by certain merits it brings to our life, there still remain some drawbacks. In this essay, I intend to identify the sources of difficulty as well as some viable solutions to it.

First of all, it is believed that the phenomenon of aging population be perhaps regarded as a positive sign for the society as a whole as nothing is worthier than the fact that people can live longer and better enjoy their life. Nevertheless, is it truly advantageous whilst old age is argued to be frequently associated with a wide range of diseases such as insomnia, hypertension, Alzheimer, dementia and others? The older people become, the more pressure burden governments. That is to say, more demands for health care services and nursing to cure and take care of them are needed. Moreover, even if the elderly are free from illness, it still waste the governments and society a considerable amount of budget paying their age-old pensions so as to ensure that the old could afford their life without working. Another major hindrance is that extended expectation of life also means a smaller working population is seen. It is youngsters that possess physical vigor and immense enthusiasm, as opposed to the old people; thereby the young are likely to work more productively and capable of dedicating more to the society. In other words, aging population possibly give a rise to a significant loss in terms of economy.

In order to stem the adverse effects of increasing life expectancy, some of the solutions are put forward as below. Firstly, maybe medical advances and healthcare programs are some one of the panaceas. Doctors and health experts are required to work harder to give a birth to new treatments and then maintain health for human beings. Another cost-effective method might be for the governments to offer a longer working period to people, therefore it can release the society from the burden of funding a huge amount of pension. One further solution would be that the authorities should impose less constraints on immigration. This is mainly because that no sooner will the governments treat immigrants more leniently than there would be an increasing number of young adults relocating to their countries in search of better jobs. Consequently, a growing working population is seen.

In conclusion, it seems to me that this is a such complicated problem as sources of obstacle outlined, and that there is no easy answer to it in the short term. However, I am convinced that steps mentioned above would be beneficial.

As far as the extension of life expectancy for old people in modern countries is concerned, problems from this phenomenon that require solutions arise. This phenomenon is very understandable and has become an issue in modern civilization countries.

To conclude, it is essential to implement a define reasonable measures to tackle these problems that arise from being old in a long term run. Then this managing in solving these issues may help to improve the image of these countries.

It is undeniable to say that the development of medical technology and elevated standard of living has contributed to a longer life expectancy especially in advanced realms. As a result, societies will face conflicts that can be unbalanced population and therefore, appropriate solutions need to be taken to tackle this case.

Has-----have. Sorry

To recapitulate, government and individual should go hand in hand to minimise the negative impact of ageing population in most developed countries. Furthermore, several measurements can be set up to tackle this problem.

Dear readers

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Is it OK to use one sentence structure several times, especially in one paragraph as you used "can ..."?

hi,thanks for your wonderful site.
i found difficulty to ans this question.please help me sir." A person's worth nowadays seems to be judged according to social status and material possessions.Old fashioned values such as honour,kindness and trust,no longer seem to be important.what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion

hi Simon.
plz give some comments about my essay.

no doubt,advancement in technology and industrialization in any country lead us to a better lifestyle,which can increase the life span of the individuals of the society.In developed countries the individuals provided by all basic necessities,they have health environment so they are supposed to live long life than the individuals in society which lack the life necessities.if the average life of people will increase it will create some problems for accommodation,hospitals,employment rate ect,moreover the adults of the society will spend their time look after their old relatives.The old age people will visit more hospitals,so more hospitals will be required.Some old people prefer to do part time work even after retirement , in this way they are engaging the jobs which can be vacant for an energetic adult of the society who can do more better work than any old person.

On the other hand we can find some solution for these problems,as we can improve the health quality of old people by using biological sustainable techniques and by the advancement in healthcare and biomedical engineering which will reduce the rate of hospital visits. Government can plan some volunteer community tasks for old age people which will be beneficial for society and for old age people too.
In conclusion ,it is right that the average life expectancy of people in advanced countries is high and it is causing problems for society,but by the efforts of government and implementation of some sustainable techniques we can overcome this problem.

Hi everyone, can someone check my essay. It is related to the topic but in different way of questioning. Any help would be really appreciated.

The steadily increasing proportion of older people has become a trend in most developed countries nowadays. What are the positive and negative implications this has for society?
It is certainly true that there is an increase of life expectancy in the rich and industrialised countries. While some fear the negative impacts of this trend on society, others and myself believe the opposite.
There are several reasons why people are afraid of this phenomenon. Firstly, government would have to allocate more funds on pension scheme to serve a growing old population. This would lead to a higher tax rate being imposed on the younger workforce to revive national budget, resulting a tremendous pressure on this group. Secondly, smaller working population is another matter. In fact, many developed countries are tackling with this issue by loosening their immigration policy to fill up their required workforce. Such policy has faced many critics in the society.
On the other hand, contrary to the pessimistic view, old people nowadays are believed to contribute significantly to society. To begin with, several community events now are run actively by these people in Australia. Studies found that many elder people continue to work after their retirements in the form of unpaid jobs in various fields such as accounting, computer and other areas. Such contribution would create a huge proportion to GDP of a nation. Not only are they useful to the society, they also do hold an important role in the family. Thanks to the medical advancements, many grandparents enjoy living healthy and are able to take care of their grandchildren as well as being an important advisor for their children in dealing with problems in life. Therefore, the fear that people will suffer from the burden of aging population is unreasonable.
In conclusion, the problems caused by aging population are trivial compared to their contributions to the society. It is important that government should invest on health care to support these people in return.

Hi Simon

In task 2, if the question was' what implications does increased life
expectancy have on individuals and society'. Do I need to write
a conclusion? If I didn't, how many marks I would lose?

Thank you

nice essay Nick... thanks

hello,can someone assess my essay
It is true that average longitivity of people has increase and bring many problems for the society.There are possible solutions present to tackle the problem ,only a pragmatic approach is required.
Firstly,there will be an increase in the number of retired people who receive pension and enforce government to adopt higher taxes which puts an extra burden on working adults.Secondly,as older people are more prone to health problems,therefore,demand for healthcare will rise.Furthermore,there will be smaller proportion of younger adults for workforce,as a consequence of increase in life expectancy of people.Additionally,younger adults will compromise there other work to lookafter elderly people.
To solve these problems ,government should increase the age of retirement and the state pension age should be increase that will probably reduce some burden of working adults.In particular,to increase the younger workforce, government should loosen immigration laws that allow younger generation from other countries work in developed countries.In addition,people should be encourage to have more children to boost proportion of younger adults.Government should fund medical advancement and health programmes that might allow people to stay healthy and work for longer.
In conclusion,increase in the life expectancy puts an excessive burden on society ,which can be release by government intervention and by raising the proportion of adults in the population.

hello Simon and all others can you please give me some points for this question

Some say that people living in high-rise apartments are lonely and unhappy, while others say that it’s advantageous to stay in high-rise apartments. Discuss advantages and disadvantages. Give your opinion.


still wating for reply......


I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do still read them all, and I try to answer some questions in a lesson once a week (usually Saturdays).

Dear Simon,

Please have look at my introduction paragraph. Is it ok? Or should I have to improve more?

It is true that the average life expectations is increasing around the globe, principally in industrialised nations. However, this is a big isse that many governments are facing in nowdays, a search of solution to mitigate this problem must taken place as soon as possible.

Thanks Simon,


Dear All

Please give some comments to my introduction paragraph.

It is true that in the modern society, the life expectation of mankind is improving, along with the improvement in the economic, politic, technology and health sectors. Outside this positive issue, there are negative consequences that will be occurring, and governments should plan some strategic steps to counter them.


Hi Simon,

Can you explain how to use "in terms of"?
I am really confusing about it.


could u provide me writting task 2 structure ? what to do in peragepe 1 or 2 3 4

There is no doubt that in advanced countries such as USA, Australia and Japan, the citizens live longer than in the third world countries. Some issues will be raises due to the issue, but there are plans that could be measured and prepared to solve the problem.

The longer life expectation will bring some problems for the government. Firstly, the number of elderly people will increase, and it will raise the government cost for subsidizing the healthcare for retired people. This matter will be a burden for the young generation, since they must pay a higher tax for the elder. Another problem is that the composition of young people will be lower than the older age, than the productivity of the nation could be decreasing. It means that the economic growth rate could have a tendency of staying flat or declining.

Some plans could be considered by the government to prevent those issues. First of all, since the older generation are more healthier these days, the government should make a new labor regulation to extend the pension age, such as from 60 years to 65 years old. Secondly, the government should encouraged young couples to have more children, perhaps by giving rewards or allowances, if they have more than two children. Lastly, the government could invite productive people from other countries, who have talented skills and sufficient knowledge to migrate in.

To conclude, although ageing problems are rising in developed countries, but with some well prepared plans the government could overwhelmed it.

Hi Simon,

Please explain why you use "what problems will this cause...". I think it should be"what problem will cause". Am I wrong? Please explain that for me. Thanks.

Sory Simon,
you're right. "this will cause what problems...". I'm wrong.

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