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Thursday, January 17, 2013


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hi Simon,

which is more considerable to write in task 1 Overview or conclusion.
how many lines needed for overview and what exactly need to be written in overview?
Pls do reply.

Hi Simon,

The diagram shows life cycle of a honey bee.There are mainly five development stages to become mature bee from egg,which takes about 34 to 36 days.

Can this introduction get band -9 or does it look like written by expert user.


Kindly let me know that below introduction is correct or not

The diagram exemplifies the complete life cycle of a honey bee that last for 34 and 36days.It is also detectable that there five main stages of the honey bee from egg to adult insect.

Hi Namita,

You forgot are after there
I would use noticeable instead of detectable.

Thats my opinion.

On 19 January will be IELTS exam for me. Really, I feel calm, although I couldn't practice a lot. Whom an exam waits for, wish all the best to them. I'll share all my impressions.

The life stages of a honeybee as it is illustrated in the above diagram are egg, larva, pupa and adult. Development from egg to adult takes three to four weeks.

hi Simon,

I did my speaking test this afternoon, it was pretty good, hope I can get 7>...

thanks for your lessons, they do help me a lot!

finger cross for tomorrow!

by the way, today the temp is 45 oC in Sydney !!!

best regards


Hi wayne.
My test is also tomorrow...
Hope it will go well !
Best wishes :)

Hi Simon,

I wrote the full report actually, and couldn't help but wonder if there are in fact 7 stages rather than 5.
Anyway, this is how I'd do it and I'd most appreciate your comments, hoping you wouldn't "bee" too busy ;)

The chart illustrates the stages in the life of honey bees. All in all, the life cycle is comprised of seven stages from the egg to full maturity, and takes approximately five weeks (34 to 36 days to be exact) to complete.

The process commences when female bees lay up to a couple of oval eggs on the walls of the honeycomb once every 72 hours. Nine to ten days later, these eggs hatch but the nymphs stay attached to the eggs for another five days. Once they emerge, nymphs remain almost unchanged for another week before a growth period of 9 days, during which they shed their skins three times to allow further growth.

This is followed by the emergence of young adult honey bees, identified by their horizontally striped backs. These take four days to mature into larger adult bees whose backs are marked with bolder and darker stripes, and the cycle starts over again.

(157 words)

HI simon,
i just try to write introduction and general ideas using your method.
The diagram illustrates the stages in the life of honey bees.
There are five stages in the life cycle of the honey bee,from eggs to female bees, and toal life cycle takes more than one month.

plz give me comment ..........

Hi all

This is my first time to show my writing here, I'll look forward to get some opinion.

The diagram illustrates the process of development of honey bee. The process is divided into 6 stages which are displayed in chronological order.
As it can be seen, life cycle of honey bee lasts between 34 and 36 days and it involves from egg to mature adult insect.

I just really struggle with what you said. Should I write an overview in the introduction or in the second paragraph or in the conclusion?

Hi Phoury

In my opinion, I think it's ok to write the introduction in the first paragraph and the overview in the second one. But it is also good to write them together.

Most importantly, it's not suggested to write overview at the end of the essay, especially in task one.

Welcome to receive any criticism.

I think the main development stages are four actually, instead of five as stated above. They are as follows: egg - nymph - young adult - adult.
It would be great if Simon could answer that. Thanks.
ps. this site is incredible, many thanks Simon, it's of great help for me as I'm going to take the test on May.

The diagram presented highlights the various stages involved in hony bees life cycle.This process contains five stages ,which takes 34-36 days to be completed.It starts from laying on the egg.

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