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Friday, January 04, 2013


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Thanks Simon

This is Wendy who commented in the last speaking post and I think this answers my questions well enough. I'm less worried now and l'm expecting at least a passing score I guess, because I know the reason I did badly in part 2 was due to the time issue with the examiner, but I am quite sure that part 3 went as well as I did it the first time.

Hi Simon.

My speaking result was 8.0, I took the IELTS on 15th December. I did ok in part2, and I also did well in part3. I used a lot of less common phrases and idioms. I forgot everything about grammar when speaking, the only thing I focused was trying to link ideas and spoke as clearly as possible, with a normal speed(Not so fast). The examiner who tested me didn't even smile or interrupted. As you mentioned earlier, ignore the examiner and focus on only answering questions as well as we can.

Hi Friends
Few days are left in my ielts exame.
I need someone native or good speaker to have practice to improve my speaking. My skype id
is (ielts4me).
Thanks in advance

Hope for the best tomorrow.

Hi Simon,
Please tell me what can we speak on below topic of speaking

Describe the cultural dance represented by famous television program in your country.

*Every one can guide me on this

Hi Simon,
I am really confused about how to write this topic,

International travel often makes people more prejudiced rather than more board-minded. What are the causes of this? Suggest some solutions.

I'm not quite understand the task and have no ideas about it.

Thank you very much and everyone can share ideas with me.

Dear Simon,

I'm a student from Malaysia. I had been preparing IELTS 3 weeks before my test date. I was lucky indeed to get to know your website. It was really helpful and it did reduce my nervousness on the test day itself. My minimum requirement was band 6.5. I was expecting this score but it turned out to be better: an overall score of 7.5.

Listening: 7.5
Reading: 8.0
Writing: 7.5
Speaking: 7.0

The writing score gave me a shock. I used to be weaker in writing part. Your essays and advices definitely gave me a boost. I don't know what else to say but THANK YOU. You are so great. :)

Hi Gracia,

I don't think that's a real IELTS question - I think someone has invented it. It would be best to ignore it and prepare some different topics instead.


Congratulations Samantha!

I'm glad my advice helped you with your writing.

Hi Simon,

I took IELTS on 15th Dec 2012 and my result is
L:8 R:8.5 W:6.5 S: 7.5

I think I could do better at writing had not I been so nervous during the test. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with my result since I only had 3 weeks to prepare and the scores are good enough to pass the english requirements at my targeted unis.

I only studied from this website and your advice was extremely useful for me, especially on writing and speaking. Really appreciate your effort in teaching us. I just can't thank you enough :)

Hi All,

I am preparing for the ielts test in the 2 next months. I look for someone who want to practice IELTS speaking and share exp as well. My Target is 7.

Btw my name is Hieu from Vietnam. Hope to talk to you soon.
Catch me by skype giagia_01

Hii simon..
i completed my ielts speaking today..but it was not well performed by me..i was structed in 2nd session...so tell me it would be effect my ielts score.
thank you..

Hey Mithin (person above me),

If you do well for parts 1 and 3, you'd be surprised by how your results turn out. I just got my results today and though I did a terrible Part2 (The topic was vehicle I would like to own someday, which I was *completely unprepared for*) i.e. Not many points & barely went past 1 minute of speaking, long pause at end. I did well for the other parts and was surprised with a score of 8.0 today.

HI Simon,

I had IELTS Speaking on 20th Jan. I didn't understood my topic. my topic was "Describe a present Someone has given you" but I had described on "present you have given someone".

Please let me know that it will impact on my IELTS Speaking Score. I am very much upset for the same.

Don't worry too much Neha. It will probably only have a small effect.

Hi Simon, My name is Saiful. I would like to IELTS exam within two months,but i can not understand listing. I can not speaking properly
as well.Please help me how can i will improve my confidence.

HI Simon ! My name is ABDUl. My exam is in next months but I not understand Witting and speaking as well . Please help me how can I do well .
MY Skype ID is

Hi simon, i had my exam 1 week ago, waiting for my results (fingers crossed). I didn't do quite well in writing task 2. I think I didn't give strong points and also repeated some words a lot. I'm really scared. Will it affect my writing score a lot?

hi this is satya from india , i did my ielts exam but scored only 5 bands . so plz help how to over come the reading and writing sections any one plz give me guide lines for this exam . my target is 7 bands .

this is my contact number 08500990055
plz give me a big support for ielts exam per pose if any one having the same problem plz call me . we r ptaticeing speaking section

hi simon ...i dnt no u read my post or not but i realy need ur help u are a gud teacher....i ma gud in part 2,,but i ma not gud in part3...

Hi simon, i want to thank you for this site and all the people here. I got the scores i needed after 3 takes. i was nervous in waiting for the results because i didn't do well in speaking and reading good thing i only need 6.5 in reading. my speaking was still 7 maybe because i did good in part 1 and gave a lot of examples in part 3. My results are as follows
January 2013 7.5, 5.5, 5, 7.5
July 2013 7.5, 8.5 , 6.5, 7.5
September 2013 7.5, 6.5, 7, 7
My reading and speaking was at its lowest but at last i got 7 in writing.
Thank you again for the lessons and for the ebook. I can now register as a nurse here in canada. It will still be a long process but ielts was the key to everything :). God bless us all

Hi Simon,

My required band score in Academic module in each skill is L-8, R-7, W-7, S-8. In my last two attempts on Aug 17 and Sept 21, I have missed out by half band in speaking module. My scores of last two attempts are as follows:

Aug 17: L-9, R-7, W-7, S-7.5
Sept 21: L-8.5, R-7, W-7.5, S-7.5

I seem to lose my patience missing out by half band on both the occasions and thought of going for rechecking on getting to know Sept 21 exam result, but eventually booked Oct 26 for another test. TODAY I TOOK MY SPEAKING TEST AND FEEL THAT I FARED EXCEEDINGLY WELL IN PART 1&3. HOWEVER, I DID PARTIALLY WELL IN PART 2. I AM APPREHENSIVE ABOUT SPEAKING SCORE THIS TIME ROUND AS WELL. WHAT WILL BE THE IMPACT OF PARTIAL GOOD PERFORMANCE IF AIM TO SCORE AN 8.


I had my speaking test today.I answered all three parts well but not long enough,just 2 sentences for each.The examiner kept prompting to say more and more but i could not.will it cost me too much??

today i had finished my speaking test..
i feel nervous in starting and i spoke very badly (only one word answers)but i spoke well in part 2 n part 3 ....
can you guess about my score ...

Today i took IELTS speaking test, performed well in 1st nd 3rd part but didnt perform well in part 2 they asked to speak abt a comic actor but i spoke about a epic character i felt it s totally irrelavent to the topic they asked.how much will it affect my score...is there a chance to get 6 or 6.5 atleast

I took the ielts alst week and has been bothered ever since. I did my speaking, reading and writing tests satisfactorily but lost concentration at the end of the listening question, leaving me to fail in following a presentation I was meant to provide answers to. what do you think could possibly happen because I struggled to respond to the 10 questions and require at least 7.5?

I took the speaking test today as well, but like Wendy mentioned in one of her comments, I messed up part 2 as well. My topic was "what magazine do you like reading, when did you start reading it and what kind of articles are published in it?". I quickly ran out of things to day in under a minute. I did very well on parts 1 and 3 as I am a fluent speaker in general. I badly need band 8, and had I done well in part 2, it would have been guaranteed :( Quite worried now.

Hi , for my part 2 I spoke only for 1 min, and in part 3 I gave answers but it was not a logical answer for my question. I need band 7 , will I get it?

Hi Simon,
I will be giving my IELTS speaking test tomorrow. I had a question: what happens if I get a topic like "talk about a museum you have visited" and I have never visited a museum before? Do we need to imagine and talk which would be very difficult given the preparation time or can we ask the examiner for another topic? will that reduce the scores?

You can't ask for a different topic Ajinkya, so you'll have to invent something.

Hi Sir, I just completed my IELTS speaking test just today in part 1 i did ok,part 2 i hesitated and struck alot and used worst vocabulary, and part 3 mostly repeated words often. can u guess, how much mark could i get ?

Hi Simon,
Today i had given my ielts speaking test, I was asked to explain the experience of electrical appliance but i misunderstood and expalined the experience of mobile.I would effect my ielts score badly

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