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Friday, January 11, 2013


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Hi Simon.need a quick response from u.i have completed my speaking test today .interviewer just said that clarity is missing after i completed part3.will this affect my score?please reply...
how many bands will be reduced for clarity?

I'm afraid it's impossible to say Sheshi. We'll just have to wait and see what score you get.

its k simon.thanks for ur reply.lets hope for the best.

the furniture I am going to talk about today is a bed. it is a queen size bed with mental frames in black color and a very comfortable mattress in cream color.it is an old fashion bed but it is really very comfortable.

It is a second-hand bed, I bought it from another overseas student 3 years ago just about 3 month after I arrived Australia. it was the first furniture I bought in Australia. A study shows a person spends about one third of his/her life in bed, so I have already spent almost 1 year in this bed and I do always have a good sleep in this bed.

the reason I bought this bed was I had suffered from sleep problem in the first 3 month in Australia, so I went to see my GP, she suggest me that it might be the bed which affecting my sleeping. fortunately, after getting this bed, my sleeping problem was solved, I could study with full energy again.

I live in sharing house so, the only furniture that belong to me is stationary cupboard . it used to be brown-colored but now gone white.the skeleton was made off magnificent piece of strongest wood while the doors were made from glass. It is small in size theretofore, can be moved easily .
while I was shopping online,i realized that I have to order stationary cupboard because i really need it to store my equipment, work files ,and my CDs.
It is very functional ,divided in excellent way so that it is the best storage cupboard ever i used and iam so excited to have this kind of furniture throughout life. the reason why i decided to order it is its design and the offer i had but must importantly, is it keeps my equipment and belongings save and arranged .

The furniture I am going to talk about is a folding table. I live in a small flat with two bedrooms, pretty small so that It is really impossible to add a table to work on. I used to put my laptop on dining table and do my work.
I did not buy this folding table myself. actually it is a gift from a friend of mine. He bought it for me as a birthday present.
The table is quite useful in different ways. I can use it while I'm sitting on the sofa in front of TV, and work with my notebook. I can even eat my lunch or dinner on it. It is quite light ans small, so I can move it easily and whenever I do not need it, I can fold it and put under the sofa.

I'd like to describe my working desk which is very functional in my career. It's been long time to have bought it from a store.

I usually spend an important time studying on my working desk. Even sometimes I sleep a bit on it. İt is always ready to serve me whenever I need it. What is more, I put my useful appliances, study books and laptop computer on it.
Why I like it so much is its comfortable distincts. For example, It is very compact so it can be replaced in a narrow space. I suppose that it really shares my success with me at my school.

Hi guys
I am sorry to write it here. I need someone to talk to for academic ielts. If anyone interested please email me at "drvikas20@gmail.com"
we can chat and even call with skype and we will improve each other as much as we can.

thank you

Dear Simon,
Finally,i achieved needed ielts results for my permanent residency in Australia. THNAK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION FOR PEOPLE LIKE US.kanish from srilanka

i would like to describe my bed which i bought last month from abid market.it is very beautiful and comfortable.it's color is black which is attracted to me.the question why i bought it?i have to bought it becouse i had been facing sleeping problems for last two years but now i can sleep comfortably on it whole night despite of it i use it for many other purposes like i do my office work and also i use my laptop easily on it.

Dear Simon,
Does TV count as an item of furniture?

One of my favourite pieces of furniture is my homemade standup desk, which I put together very simply, by placing a few things together, such as a miniature fridge, and a crate, for the keyboard base, and an old wardrobe, which the monitor sits on top of.

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