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Monday, January 14, 2013


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Hi simon,
These are reaaaally useful suggestions.
But sometimes I found that it's so hard to seek for the keywords, what should we do at that time?
Thanks again.

It is true that practice makes success :)
I did prectise reading alot these days and im happy with the result :)
However i still feel difficult with Listening, i guess the problems are my vocabulary and pronunciation :)

I used to get 6 in reading everytime than I did all the cambridge books like exam condition so about 32 tests plaus about 12 tests from other book.After that I am able to score 7 and 7.5 in reading.

Thanks for the reading tips, Simon!

"Persistence" is definitely one of the keys to success! Not just for language learning, but also life in general!

The biggest problem I faced is

how to get IELTS material?? except cambridge books and etc.

After finished this tests what to do??

Why IDP or BC dont reveal material of reading and listening?? every year.???

A friend of mine improved his English by forcing himself to watch movies without subtitles. The style might be a bit informal for IELTS but it definitely gets you used to the speed of speaking, which I think is important for the Listening test.

Plus you get to eat popcorn :D

I use Cambridge books Reading passages to learn how to write better English. I try to figure out the topic sentence and see how cohesion and coherence is used all along to build around the idea. I wonder I never learnt that while I was at school :p

Hi Simon,
Firstly,thank you for these beneficial suggestions.I try to follow similar instructions almost 2 month.
However,couldn't deal with difficulty on "sentence headings" and "ending" questions.
Could you suggest any technique for improving these difficulties.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Simon,
I appreciate your help.I learned and practiced all modules from your site without any tutor.i took exam 1st time and i got good score that my university accepts overall 6.5.R=6,w=6,L=7,S=7.Thanks for your help again.Great site.And i need help for GRE.you are giving GRE lessons as well?If yes,please recommend any sites?

not given

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