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Monday, January 28, 2013


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It is repeated Simon!

Thanks so much!These advises are helpful!

Well noticed Asid. I sometimes repeat, update or modify old lessons. In this case, many students have been asking for reading advice recently, so I decided to update my advice. I'll do the same with listening tomorrow.

Actually, I don't understand what does "Don't read the whole text" mean ? Since we have to find the answer, then we must go back at the begin of essay to read the entire text and find the answer. How can we find the answer without reading ?

Could anybody explain?

Thanks !

> Don't waste time on difficult questions. Miss them, finish the exam, and return to them at the end.

Simon, is there a sign of 8/9 questions. How to recognize those ones?


thank you so much for your advices, Simon.

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your advice, you are so helpful!
I got a question similar to what Connie had posted, how can we manage to work out some questions relating to details without reading the whole passage?
I wonder if it is OK to ask a question about Writing Task 2 here.I hope you don't mind.
I am taught to write the main body like this:topic sentence + opinion 1+ details supporting opinion 1 + ...+ opinion 3+ details supporting opinion 3. In this way,the structure is very clear for me to organize but it seems a little rigid, isn't it?What do you suggest?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Connie,Jennifer,

You dont need to read but you have to skim the passage.
By quick scanning or skimming you will be able to find the sentence where answer is given,then you have to read that bit more carefully.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your advice

Hi Simon;
I took speaking test today!(Part1.internet&Part2,3.TV. The examiner asked me many questions but in my mind, most of them have similar responses! I mean my task 1&3 are very similar! Even worse,as I am a teacher, in first section of part1 he asked me regarding my job advantage/disadvantage of it, I mean +/- points of educating and teaching! Also, not only in part 1 and part 3 I encountered like/dislike but also I faced like/dislike in one question in part 2 (Part2. TV program)! I tried to have many paraphrasing about advantage/disadvantage of teach & education in the Internet& TV but there was no way to me to use some of my smart word and reasons double! Is it problem? I should mention that I used many smart words! I mean I shared some parts of my responses with each other! For example: Adv/Disadv/favorite & comparison between TV,Internet in different ages group and effect of them on these qroups! I concentrated on educational effect of them more than other features of them! Is it a problem to answer in similar ways?

Hi Simon;
Could you please let me know when do you use had+p.p instead of past time in Task1

Hi Simon,
Please tell me how to solve List of Heading Question type. i find difficulty to solve that.


Thank you Simon to remind us those valuable tips. I want to say that it's good to remind us on occasions those seemingly old tips. And I couldn't agree more with you when you said that do not read the whole text. But Id like to interpret your statement to the fact that one should escape unnecessary details as quickly as possible. And that's something one can achieve through a lot of reading.

hi simon .my results are out l 6.5 R 5.5 W 6.5 S 6.0 overall 6.0
i m writing for the second time .i booked the slot on feb23rd.plz help me to improve score in reading and overall.expecting a positive reply.i have to apply for may intake i dont have options.so please help me to improve my score in reading.

Hi Simon,

I took 12 Jan 2013 ielts exam and the question for writing task 2 was (people if ask them to choose life with work or life without work they will choose life without work to what extend do you agree or disagree this statement??

can u please explain the best way to answer this question


A quick clarification:

In point 1, what I really mean is that you shouldn't read the whole passage BEFORE going to the questions - doing this would be a waste of time and you would probably forget most of what you had read anyway.

However, you WILL read the whole passage eventually: you should go through the questions one by one, starting with question 1 and reading from the beginning of the text as you search for the answers. As most of the answers should be in order in the passage, you will read the whole passage bit by bit as you progress through the questions.

Dear Daniel,

Advise is a verb not noun, you should use advice as a noun which is uncountable.

Dear Simon

What do you by `Paragraph`questions ? does it mean matching heading for the paragraph ?

Thanks .

what questions are there to diffrentiate between band 8 and 9?


A couple more points:

1. "Difficult questions" - the definition of a difficult question is 'a question that YOU find difficult'. If you're struggling to find an answer and the time is passing, move on to the next question. Don't spend more than 2 minutes on one question.

2. "Paragraph questions" - there are 2 types: 1) match the headings with the paragraphs 2) which paragraph contains the following information?

HI simon
you are so helpful .could you please help me to clear doubt between and no plzzzzzzzzz...

hi simon
could you please help me to clear doubt between
not and not given

I did my IELTS few days ago , i which i read this before the test , especially #3 , i was looking to of text to find the answers , and i ran out of time in test , i am going to do the test again in 2nd of March , and i hope i could get better scores

ty Simon for the insight :)

hi simon
could u please advise me how to find headings in reading.I have taken IELTS and in reading i only scored 5.5 and my band requirement is 7 in each. Plz help me i will again appear in IELTS on 9th march. Suggest me how to prepare for my exam overall i scored 6.5
thank you

Simon The Great.
Big thanks and respect.

Dear Simon

For General Reading, Section 2, there are always "Filling in the blank from the text" questions. I just want to know whether the answers are picked up in order from the passage as the questions are asked.

Because recently, I took part in the exam, I may think two blanks'answers are out of order. I am not sure whether I am correct.


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