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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


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dear simon,
in writing task 2 can we choose both agree and dis agree statement.?in order to support our answer ,or else should we allowed to choose one possibility of either agree or dis agree?please assist me.
thanking you in advance.

Hi Simon, Thank you for your advise on the listening test.

thank you too much ,this website is amazing .really useful.

Hi Muna,

It's incorrect we use too in a positive feeling. "Thank you very much" not too much.
" too" gives a negative meaning.
Best regards

Dear Simon,
Hi my name is kishore.
I have my IELTS test on Feb 2nd (India) i am bit poor in writing & speaking.
i would like to take few suggestions from you before i face the examinations.

Thanks & Best Regards

if your test center is in london,,still EOR takes 8 weeks?is there anyone who found result earlier or everyone get it after a long time?

My approach to listening test is as follows:
After following Simon’s guidelines, I listen to the dialogue or the presentation especially in part 3 or part 4 of the listening test without looking at the questions, until I have got some idea. Subsequently, I read the question related at glance and I try to find a linking statement or a linking word. If I am able to find the answer ,I go ahead without any delays. But if not , I keep on listening using the same strategy .
As human beings, It is nearly impossible to really concentrate on 2 things at once , it should be carried out consecutively.

hi simon,
its difficult to solve multiple questions in listening how to solve and get all multiple correct please guide me ...

Dear Simon ,thanks a lot for you precious guidelines .I have tried many methods ,but yours are the most perfect systematic aproach to overcome our fears.

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Hi Simon, I am wondering if I get a mark for the folowing question in the listening section. Tshirt instead of T-shirt.
thanks in advance

Hi Simon,

In my recent exam, I wrote 'Byke' instead of 'Bike'. Is it acceptable?


Dear simon
thanks for your really good site.
I have a problem with listening part that is I do not have internet access in my home and also i do not have time to study at work, so i have to copy the contents into a word document and study at home except video files of listening.Can i have the listening video files?Is it possible for you to send me all video files.It would be really kind of you.

Dear Venkat. The answer is no.

I got 8 in listening last time. My experience is that we should practice for concentration. Concentrate on the word that is being spoken. Forget about the part which is gone or will come. If you have heard every word clearly answering any question will not be difficult.
I also want to request someone who can help me in practicing english speaking.

hiii smad can u plz guide me

Dear Simon,
I'm not really fast enough to be able to read and understand all the questions in the time specified for reading ahead if that's what we need to do. Especially in multiple choice questions I can never make it to read all of them and recently I just try to read ahead the stem of questions not the responses. is it ok? Also in gap-filing questions I can read only like half or less of the passage. what should i do?

Hey Simon,

i can not get in that example!
did you move that example?

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