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Saturday, January 12, 2013


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Re:Paul Brown , no income coming to his account effect August 2012.

Is the above statement correct? If so, could you tell me where the verb is.

Thank you very much Simon, you've emphasised this point with useful examples.

todays ielts writing task 2 topic was
if a person choose between to work or live without work, most people would say no to work.
to what extent do you agree or disagree?

Hi faraz

What did u wrirte on this topic. Plz tell me so i'll have an idea about my bands :)

And about task 1 also. Pls do tell me

Hi simon,
Economic growth affects air quality in many cities.
Economic growth has a harmful effect on air quality in many cities.

Is that OK?
Thanks a lot.

Hi Simon..Thank you very much for this very important note!

Please I have a question..if in the writing task 2 I wrote around 300 words in a good way just as you told u (Introduction, 2 bodies and a conclusion) and I wrote the word (lives) as (lifes) several times in the essay, will that have a negative effect on my score?

Dear Simon,

May I ask you a question regarding to the grammar of using 'HAD' in descriping trend?

''On the other hand, the figure for industrialized countries 'rose' from nearly 9 years of schooling in 1980 to nearly 11 years in 1990.''

Can I replace 'rose' by using 'had increased ' here?

I dont quiet clear when to use 'HAD + verb ' to describe trend in the past period.

Thank you so much!

Hi dear Simon .. Thank you for useful information .. I would like to ask you a question .. Are "effect" and "influence" used in the same way? Are there any differences between them ? If so , what are they ?

Thank you for your attention ..

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