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Sunday, January 06, 2013


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Thank you so much!Simon!
This website really helps me in preparing IELTS test,
and many advises are beneficial to me!
I will take IETLS exam at this weekend~
Hopefully I could get a good scores!

Thanks very much.This website help me a lots,specially the e book for writting,with enormous good ideas for task 2.Though i am not well prepared for time limit due to my work commitment,i am appearing in exam next week..

To those of candidates who look for more resources and IELTS materials I think those books despite the facts that considered great resources are not enough, unless you have great knowledge about English or did years of studying many texts, dealing with reading newspaper, articles or other English papers on a regular basis. In fact, what those book are going to do is familiarizing the candidate with the format of exams.I'd like to introduce other resources such as IELTS TEST PLUS, and Mc Carter,but one should notice that the level of difficulty of exams is something that no institute can put as accurately as Cambridge does in their books.

I have been told by a native speaker to follow 3 basic steps if I am wanting to improve my English language.
Listen to BBC Radio 4
Read newspaper
exchange ideas with a retired and elderly person

Dear Simon,

Thank you for your fantastic e-book and website. I’ve got my required score (6.5) for university admission. I know my score is not that much good because I found your marvelous e-book and website late, but I am sure without them I couldn’t get that band. I still study them as I am going to take another exam to get better score!

I wish all the best for you and a happy New Year!


I feel stressful because of the low score.In my exercise,my listening and reading are always just above and under 6.5.I just have about 20 days to prepare IELTS,how i could improve these two part?

Hi, Dear Simon:

Hope you are well!

I have a question. In Writing Task 2, for some uncertain arguments, can I write "it is generally believed that ..." as assumption? For example, as to the topic of "vegetarian", even I am not sure if it's true, but can I write "it is generally believed that people live longer when they eat plenty of vegetables without little meat"?

Thanks in advance!


Thanks a lot!!!
This website help me so much.

Happy new year.

For online IELTS tranings please add at Skype: ielts.esol

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