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Tuesday, December 04, 2012


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Very true sir, especially point # 2, we must read next section.

Great info. Thanks

ı think the most difficult one is to place more than one answer in the same sentence.

Good info, thank you

hi simon

Have you heard www.effortlessenglishclub.com ?
i watched some interesting videos i find useful for listening and speaking.
can you give me your opinion about that website?

I haven't heard of it Mert, but I'll have a look.

Hi, Simon
Thank you for your kindly advice. Now It seems ok to make comments.

Hi Simon

This is very useful advice. I think it might suitable for some particular questions, such as short-answer question, simple summary and table form...etc. Yet, in regard to multi choice question; it is really hard to use limited time reading extremely long questions with 3~4 options...especial in Section 3 and 4 (some vocabularies I even do not understand that...).

I have difficulties of Listing. I follow some teachers' advices: listening as much as you can ,and listening BBC 6 minutes English. But, I still cannot get good grade in the IELTS test.

Could you tell me how to improve listing and how to correct spelling problems?

same here Sandy

I did almost morethan 100 mock test of listening,

but still unable to get more than 6...

i feel shame on me

Thank you Mert fof the website-effortlessenglishclub , it is good and interesting.

To Jay and Sandy, keep on listening, practice it, if i may suggest, go to the website Simon told us- the RSA Animate, listen to talks given by different people. It will help you, because I too is having problem with my listening module, the website is helpful,so try it.I Wish you good luck.

hello simon
I have a question, the real Ielts exam is like which of the cambridge books???
i had good score in cambridge 7 and test 1 &2 cambridge8(30-32 for reading and listening) ....but today i practiced test 3 of book8,my score was baaaaadd(23)..now i'm stressful because my exam is on Saturday 8th of December(Canada). please help

Hi Simon,
Unfortunately, my score is 6
R 6,5
W 6
S 6,5
L 5,5

I was very surprised especially the listening section because I got more points before. İf i apply to Enquire on results especially the listening section it can be changed, i heard that the part is controlled by computer.

As I understand it, this is not just a listening test, but more of a multitasking test.

One has to listen (and understand), be able to read (and understand what is being read) and last but not least write the answers on the paper - ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Sorry for the caps lock, but I had to.

" 'Some time' means about 20 seconds " - what a joke!

All in all, I still have to thank Simon for preparing us for the grilling that comes.

I firmly agree with your opinion in this lesson.

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