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Saturday, December 15, 2012


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my list is:
-a wide variety of reasons
-figure for
-importance of being smth
-in a period of time
-over a year of time
-a necessary part of smthing
-be involved in-be engaged in
-come up with
-provide for
-make somebody do something
-take part in
-get stuck in something
-take advantage of something
-to allow somebody to do
-good enough to do

These are only a bit example of my lists in my mind. Thanks for everything, simon

thank you simon

Hi Simon,
I have an off-topic question for you. When reporting graphs, are we supposed to just report what we see or are we allowed to infer/interpret information as well?
eg. if there was a graph with number of drivers licenses issued over the decades, can I mention how it might reflect potential increase in ownership of cars and how women were eventually allowed to drive or should I just stick to reporting the trend?

Thank you

Thank you, Simon.
Another thing which I am convinced all the IELTS candidates are aware of already is to use a good dictionary that involves collocations, phrases and possibly idioms. I ,for instance, use the 3rd edition of Cambridge Advanced Learners' Dictionary which meets all my needs in terms of learning new vocabulary. It became my 'friend' ever since I installed. I always highly recommend my friends use it.
Best regards.

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