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Saturday, December 01, 2012


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Perfect like always.You are soooo great thank you Simon for all the valuable materials you provide FREE for us.

Hi Simon,

i took the exam today. writing task 1 was OK.i summerised the information and structured well. however i couldn't finish task 2 because of time. actually, i did but it was less than 250 words and i couldn't make my points in 2nd paragraph. i think i used appropriate grammar. task achievement was maybe OK. i know you cant predict precise score but here is the question: should i expect the band under 6?


hello, simon.
First, thank you for the incredible work you do here. i have been following your website for a while that helped me a lot. Today i took an IELTS exam, I had a problem in writing. First i think my level is not so bad, even i think i am capable of getting overall a very high score. My problem is i spend too much time on task 1, and then i hardly finish task 2. Today i spent 35 minutes on task 1, and you see how much time left on task 2. i counted the words, which came to 225 for task 2. Before the exam, i wanted 7.5, now i am afraid it even will not be 7, as task response is not reached. The quality of my work for task 2 is also not so impressive, you can imagine to write in 25 minutes a logically organised essay. The sad part is i have all enough topic vocabulary, and a lot of ideas, but... how far that can effect my score.
how do you view to the idea to start task 2 first?

@harry: what was the topic for writing task 1 and task2? im going to take the exam on december 8 and im really anxious.thanks

hi simon

i came across your site just yesterday and i find it really helpful. although i have a little time left to prepare and read as much as i can in your posts. i also purchased the ebook just now, hopefully it will help me get through my academic ielts exam on the 8th of december here in riyadh, saudi arabia..im origanally from the philippines. this is going to be my second take since i didnt meet the speaking requirement band of 7 last sept22.. im so anxious. i would love to read more speaking samples..

HI Harry,

Sorry to hear that, I do really know that you benefit from a wide range of vocabularies and I also know how much deeply disappointed it would be for some one like you . Unfortunately, I should say that you will be penalized as you already never met the lenght requirement for a Task 2 response. The estimated band score heavily relies on how well you did on other criteria and indeed how may words you wrote, if those words almost reached about 240, I dont think it will be too much problem, but under that will be. I hope I made a mistake on estimating your band score.
Best regards,

Hi Simon

Could you explain more about Listing Test because I do not understand properly.


Hi Simon,
I cannot find words to express my appreciation for the amazing work you do here. With the help of your site I managed to improve my overall band with 0,5 and my writing with 1 band for a month.
Thank you! :)

Essay - Some people think that politicians have the greatest influence on the world. Other people, however, believe that scientists have the greatest influence. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

this is the recent question in ielts exam in India.plz discuss

Hi Erika,

I'm danny from Philippines but presently here in UK. What country are you aiming for? Good luck on your exam on Dec 8. Just follow the advise of Simon regarding speaking test and surely you will be alright.

@danny: im taking the ielts to renew my visascreen for the US, I got a band score of 7 when i took it in the philippines 8yrs ago but it has changed alot nowadays. i took the exam last sept 22 and i panicked and i knew i failed.. im in saudi arabia now and its hard for me to practise my speaking skills because i have no one to practise with..english is very poor in this side of the world. my total band score was 6.5.. my speaking was only 5.5.. i cried =(

can any one update about their recent exams?

Hi Simon,
Thank you so much. This is excellent advice.

some people believe within next 100 years life become better for majority of people. others less sure.
What is your opinion about this?

Hi Mh, thank you for your empathy, I see what you mean, I hope it will turn out well too. But anyway, whatever the score will be, I am taking another shot. THANK YOU AGAIN.
Hi Erica.
task 1: There were two line graphs illustrating two forecasts ( A and B) of carbon emissions and global temperature change for the years from 2020 to 2100.
Task 2: Should government spend money on encouraging children to take part in sport activities and arts or should that money go to support professional sport and arts?
For the task 2, I decided to fully support children sport and art, saying that it should be number one priority for government.
In the first body paragraph, I wrote about the importance of sport activities and arts in the normal development of children linking this to the fact that not all families have opportunities to enrol their kids in additional classes run by the private sector. And also, I mentioned that this can be a long-lived project, as young generation is our future.
In the second body paragraph, I wrote that today's professional sports and arts have already become self-financing sector with the help of investors who are willing to cooperate and advertisements. I was in a rush, so I had to write the second body paragraph as fast as possible and managed to write only 4 sentences. I did not lay out my second point clearly enough and in details.
So it was something like this.


I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do still read them all, and I try to answer some questions in a lesson once a week (usually Saturdays).

PS. It's great to see students helping each other in the comments on this page! And congratulations to Mila!

hi Simon, how could we make planning? could you tell me in detail?

@harry: thanks for the insight. its been helpful. eventhough the sentences you made were short, i got the whole picture.hope the evaluator too..if u scribbled enough words in the first paragraph, and reached 250 im certain ull get thru.. goodluck!

hie Simon

i m Tanvi here i have been reading your tips since long and as always it has helped me to solve probably all my doubts.I need your guidlines for getting new words and increase my vocabulary which would help me to write and speak better.

hi Simon

I'm going to take exam in october.still now i feel very difficult in reading.please give me some tips to get good score in reading.

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