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Friday, November 30, 2012


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Hi simon,
thank you for your helpful work I want to ask about speaking part 1 that if examiner ask that DO YOU HAVE A SMALL OR LARGE FAMILY?and CAN YOU TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT THEM do we have to speak about every members of family but it will become quite big description.this question is from one of the cambridge books.if you can post your answer of this it may be of great help thank you.

just say .we are two brothers and one sister and my parents so alltogether 5 memebers in my family.
if its to shor just add I am eldest or youngest.

Dear All,

Here are my answers for today's questions. I'm giving 2 possible answers for each question, hoping that students can have more ideas on what to say!

Have a great weekend~


1-a) Since I live with my whole family, we see and talk to each other face to face practically every day. But if I'm away from home, I would use e-mail or Skype to stay in touch with them.
1-b) I actually stay in touch with my family by e-mail or phone. If it's an important or urgent issue, I would just call them, but if it is just to say HI, a quick e-mail will do.

2-a) It really depends on the situation. If I want to file a complaint or address an issue in a formal way, I'd rather use e-mail so that I can have a record of what I've said; but if it is to simply make an inquiry on a product or service, a quick phone call will do.
2-b) I prefer writing e-mails when communicating with people. I think e-mails give the recipients more time to think before replying and we all can keep a record if it is an important issue.

3-a) No, in fact, I haven't hand written a letter for years! I think most people nowadays prefer to type e-mails because it is much faster and convenient.
3-b) Yes, believe it or not, I still enjoy writing letters or postcards by hand. Although it takes more time, I think handwritten messages are much more meaningful than e-mails.

4-a) Well, according to research, the excessive use of cell phones could pose a health hazard, so that's something that I'm not very comfortable with.
4-b) To be honest, I think cell phones or smartphones are great communicating devices and I really don't see anything I dislike about them.


Thanks for the alternatives Martin. I'm sure students will really appreciate that!

Dear Friends
I am Petonia. I took my Ielts exam on 17th November and I got 7 in speaking. However, as I got 6 and 5.5 in other skills I need to take an exam again. Now, I am looking for someone to speak to for my speaking task in order to get 7.5 in the next exam.
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thank you
I await.

hey simon i passed out my ielts exam on 21st november...i got 5.5...i wish to reappear...would you tell me how can i improve the score....

hai mortin,
i want some tips on speaking test can you assist me please .i am goingto take my ielts exam .please and my skype account is manoj.kumar1201.
with kind regards

hi simon i passed out my ielts exam on feb 2013 i got 4.5 in all level i need to take an exam again now on sep 2013 i am looking for your help pls support to me. i want get each 7 band pls contact me by email ssures30@yahoo.com

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